Many a pinwheel to be had...

Sunday, March 28, 2010
While waiting for Rachel to upload the new Pinwheel sampler block today, I decided to make my two blocks for the charity quilt the Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild is making. Imagine my surprise....

Charity Blocks:

Pinwheel Blocks:

Hmmm something looks very familiar :)
2 comments on "Many a pinwheel to be had..."
  1. ha! yes i see a similarity ;) I think that I like the addition of the 3rd contrasting color in your top makes that inner pinwheel pop!

  2. ooough yummy - that red and teal block is BEAUTIFUL! Love those colors together and your fabrics are great!

    Lucky you to have a hubby to go buy you sucha nice iron ;)

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie


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