Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Cottage Christmas Quilt Along - Part 1

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to part one of the Cottage Christmas Quilt Along.

Here is the picture of the lap size quilt I am making, it will be 46" by 66".

 If you would like to see the other versions you can look back at this post.

The fabric requirements for each version are as follows.

For the Table Runner:
2 or 3 - 1/8th yard pieces of red fabric (depending on the version of the table runner you make)
2 or 3 - 1/8th yard pieces of blue fabric (depending on the version of the table runner you make)
3 - 1/8th yard pieces of green fabric
1 yd f background fabric
1/4 yd of border fabric

For the Bed Runner:
5 - 1/8th yard pieces of red fabric (depending on the version of the table runner you make)
5 - 1/8th yard pieces of blue fabric (depending on the version of the table runner you make)
3 - 1/4 yard pieces of green fabric
1 3/4 yd of background fabric
1/2 yd of border fabric

For Lap Quilt
9 - 1/8th yard pieces of red fabric (depending on the version of the table runner you make)
9 - 1/8th yard pieces of blue fabric (depending on the version of the table runner you make)
3 - 1/4 yard pieces of green fabric
2 3/4 yd of background fabric
1/2 yd of border fabric

Here is a PDF of the block if you want to print it.

Cross and Crown Block

Cutting: The first number is for the lap size or bed runner size, the number in parenthesis is for the table runner size. You will need 9 Cross and Crown blocks for the lap size, 5 for the Bed Runner, and 2 or 3 for the table runner depending on how you want to configure it.

From each red fabric:
1 – 3 1/2” (2 ½”) strip by WOF
                Subcut: 2 – 3 ½” (2 1/2”) squares
                                4 – 3” (2”) squares
                                5 – 2 ½” (1 ½”) squares
From Background Fabric (cream) for each block:
1 – 3 ½” (2 ½”) strip by WOF
                Subcut: 2 – 3 ½” (2 1/2”) squares
                                4 – 2 ½” (1 ½”) squares
                                4- 2 ½” by 4 ½” (1 ½” by 2 ½”) rectangles

(All seams are ¼”)

1. Mark a diagonal line across the back of the 3 ½” (2 ½”)
background squares, and the 3” (2”) print squares.

2. Place marked background squares right side together with the Print squares that are the same size. Sew ¼” on each side of the marked line.

3. Cut apart on the marked line.

4. Press toward the print. And Square to 3” (2”).

5. Place the marked print squares right sides together with the
half square triangles creating an X in the middle of the block as pictured.

 6. Sew ¼” on each side of the marked line and cut apart on the line.
7. Press toward the print triangle. Square to 2 ½” (1 ½”).

 8. Lay out your 2 ½” (1 ½”) squares and pieced squares
in four patches for each corner. Then your rectangles and
center square in a cross as pictured.
 9. Sew your four corner 4 patches together.

10. Sew the three rows.

11. Then sew the three rows together. And you are done. 
Next Wednesday head to Sally's blog for the tutorial for the next block.She and Brooke will be showing their Cross and Crown blocks today too so head on over to see.

And don't worry if you forget where to go next week I will be here to direct you :)

Have an amazing Thanksgiving!



Thursday, November 16, 2017

How about a Quilt Along?

Hey Everyone,

I am almost ready to throw myself back into this space. To get things started my friends Brooke and Sally and I are going to do a quilt along with you. I designed a fun pattern for a Christmas quilt out of Tilda's Cottage. Each of us will give you part of the pattern and we will sew together for the next few weeks. It will start next Wednesday.

The blocks will be available in two different sizes so you can make small projects or larger projects.

Here is an idea of some of the ways you can put the blocks together:

Sally wanted a bed runner so this is 72" by 22"

And I did these two different versions as ideas for Brooke for table runners:

 This one is 32" by 12"

This one is 37" by 12"

Here is a fun button for your blog if you like.

My version will be a lap size. I will show that to you on Wednesday when we kick off...

I made kits if you would like to purchase your supplies you can find them here.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Whoops.... Hi!

Hey Everyone,

I let life take over again! You know how that is right? In case you hadn't seen Tilda's Cottage arrived. And it is gorgeous!

Photo from Tilda's World used by permission
Perfect for all of your Hygge projects. I have lived with it for the past week and I still haven't gotten over all of the gorgeousness. :)

It is just two weeks exactly before I leave for Market. I am going a bit early to hang out with Sally
I can't wait. We are going to get up to some hijinx.

I hope you all have been well. I am getting better every day.


Saturday, September 9, 2017

Selling off my Scrapbooking and Planner Items for Harvey Relief

Hey Everyone,

I am selling all of the paper products at about what they cost me and I am going to send 100% of the proceeds (not just the profit) to Harvey and Irma relief.I have so many friends in Houston and in Florida I just had to do something.  Here is a link to the stuff. And here is a video of what is in the packages:

I have been wrapped up in moving all of the fabric home from the warehouse. Now I am working from home again and I feel so much more settled. Hoping to do some fun sewing soon. Here is the first thing I have made in a few months. It is a Traveler's Notebook for one of my planner friends.

I think it is pretty cute :)

Talk soon.


Thursday, July 27, 2017

Sneak Peek

Hi Everyone,

Would you like to see a little sneaky peeky of what I am working on?

It is gonna be a quilt... That is all I can tell you so far. But stay tuned for the full reveal soon.

Harvest is here and will be sliced and diced this weekend and shipped out on Monday and Tuesday... so exciting!

Talk soon,

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Tilda's Harvest Is On The Way.

Hey Everyone,

I am a little surprised that it has been so long since I posted. I have been super busy with the clearance sale and Tilda Pre-Orders have been going so great that time has flown by.

If you haven't seen pictures of Harvest (for one I would be surprised) but I would love to show you.

For those that don't know Tilda has been super hard to get in the US ... we usually have to order it internationally and pay tons for shipping as well as paying the huge international prices. Luckily there is finally a distributor in the US and now I am able to offer it at a great price. When I was buying internationally I was selling it at $16.99 a yard (even though the retail price was $20) but I will have it for $13.49 from now on. It is super exciting for me.

Tilda's new book is coming in November and these adorable pumpkins will be one of the patterns:

You will be seeing me around her a lot more from now on. I have been super busy getting all of the fabric moved home. I still have another couple weeks of work on that but then my time will not be split anymore and I can concentrate on creating content here again.

I am excited for a new project that I am going to start this fall. A fun series of patterns for a seasonal sampler ... I hope you will join me.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tilda Circus is here... In the United States for real!

Hey Everyone,
From the Tilda's World Blog used by permission

It is finally here... so exciting. I just sent out a newsletter with tons of info but I wanted to show these IRL photos I took at the shop so you could get an idea of scale... this fabric is perfect for fussy cutting because the scale is so nice...

The colors are so pretty!
 I love this print...
There is also a pre-view of the new collection, Harvest, at the website link... and you can see what a perfect scale it is in this picture from Tilda's Blog of her new book Sewing by Heart...