Monday, January 15, 2018

Quilter's Planner New Free Stickers

Free Stickers to Use in your Quilter's Planner to beautify and help you get the most out this useful tool. Click through to grab it.

Hey Everyone,

As promised here are the new free stickers for the Quilter's Planner. I am making a free sampler sheet each month and I will post it here on the blog. You can read more about it here and here. This month is the Galentine's edition. It's all about you and your bestie.
And just like last month I made a premium set of 3 sheets that you can buy here. If you decide to buy the Quilter's Planner from my link (I am an Affiliate) then email me and let me  know and you will get these three sheets (below) free. The ones you receive if you buy them won't have the watermark on them, of course. You can see larger pictures if you click the pictures.

Yesterday I talked all about my Cricut Maker. I am going to use it to cut my stickers out too. It can do so many things. I will show you the stickers in use at the end of the month when I have February planned out.

 And as I said yesterday I used the Maker to cut my Sampler Block for the The Quilter's Planner. This one:
Every month on the 15th I am going to show my blocks from the planner. It is a good way to keep me accountable. I am using the same two sets of fabrics that I used for the Honey Pot Bee blocks so I might mix them all together at the end.

Let me know in the comments if you are doing the sampler blocks too.


Sunday, January 14, 2018

The Cricut Maker Cutting Machine

Hey Everyone,

I am so excited to share this super fun new toy I have. As you may know I closed the shop and moved everything home last year. So the house has been a bit messy lately with all of the shop stuff crammed in here and I hadn't had a chance to share this awesome super powerful tool with you yet.

A helpful review of the Cricut Maker from a profesional quilter and quilt shop owner. Click through to find out if it is all it is cracked up to be.
Notice how I didn't say this awesome gadget? If you know me you know how I often say I am not a gadget girl. Before we go any further I want to tell you I am an affiliate with this company. Which means if you buy using my link I get a small amount of money for advertising. Let me also tell you that it doesn't cost you anything more to use my link. I also am going to tell you that the opinion I am expressing is 100% my own opinion. I am not getting paid to say nice things. This really is a wonderful tool. After cutting fabric with a rotary cutter for 26 yrs my wrists are not so great anymore. This machine eliminates a good 90% of my cutting and I can be doing something else while it cuts (and marks) my fabric for me.  Let me explain...

Cricut has been known as a paper cutting machine and this one does that, and so much more. But the revolutionary thing about this machine is that it has a rotary cutting blade. Other electronic machines that cut fabric only cut bonded fabric (meaning fabric with heat and bond or interfacing on the back) because they have a blade that drags across the fabric, that would be like trying to cut fabric with a knife, so it would just distort fabric and not cut well.  I have other cutting machines, electronic and die cutting machines both. So I can speak to the differences.

Pictured above is the machine and the rotary blade as well as the washable fabric marking pen. I have had this machine for about a month and been putting it through it's paces. It can cut hundreds of different kinds of materials with the Adaptive Tool System. So far I have cut Leather, Book Board, Stickers, Cardstock, Paper, Felt, Peltex, Vinyl, and Fabric. There are a few different blades included with the machine to cute multitudes of different materials. This machine can take the place of all the die cutting machines that I have that cut appliques and quilt blocks because there are hundreds of images I can use in the software (Design Space) and I can also upload my own images or draw my own applique designs and upload them. And there aren't any cartridges or dies to have to store in the space I don't have anymore :)

The machine has a dual carriage so you can cut and mark your fabric at the same time. It also has regular pens you can put in and it can draw for you... what about marking your fabric for embroidery? So many uses for this awesome feature.

Here is how I used it yesterday...

 I used the fabric grip 12" x 24" mat. And put the background fabric for my Quilter's Planner Sampler block on  it face down so the pen could mark the back of the fabric for me.
Then I set up the cuts and marks I wanted to do in my Design Space on Cricut's website. The machine is Bluetooth enabled which allowed me to have it in my sewing room away from where my computer is because I could run it from my cell phone ... do you believe it? So cool... and it has a docking slot to hold my phone (or iPad) and a usb port to charge it with...  I digress.
I made a small mistake in my set up and it was easy to notice and pause the project, fix and restart. I am adding the picture below of another project I am working on to illustrate how perfectly this blade cuts and how accurate the marking is.
Those squares are only 3/4" and  1 1/2" and look at how perfect these half rectangles are cut... perfectly corner to corner.
And all of this is done with hardly any waste since there doesn't need to be a ton of space between the cuts like there is on die cutting machines. This is all the waste I had from the cut above.
I know it probably seems like I am going a little over the top but I am telling you this is a great machine. Also, below is a picture of the mistake I made.
I accidentally unloaded the cutting mat before I started running it and so it made the marks in the wrong place originally... why am I showing you my mistake? Because I wanted to say a quick word about the marking pen... as you can see it makes nice thin lines and doesn't bleed (the reason I never use fabric pens to mark HSTs is they bleed and make fat lines) so I actually will use this pen, and buy more when it runs out too. I had to wash it out (I always worry about that and I know I am not the only one) before I pressed my block (because of the lines being in the wrong place) and it washed out with a little bit of water and a small amount of soap with no problem.

Here is my Quilter's Planner Sampler Block (more below about the Quilter's Planner) that I made by cutting it with the Maker machine. The pieces are perfect and the block is perfect. Accuracy make a huge difference.

Cricut has teamed up with Simplicity to bring you sewing patterns and Riley Blake to bring you quilt patterns already loaded in Design Space as well.

Cricut Maker Machine

What comes in the box?

Cricut Maker™ machine, Rotary Blade + Drive Housing, Premium Fine Point Blade + Housing, Fine Point Pen, FabricGrip™ Mat 12" x 12", LightGrip™ Mat 12" x 12", welcome book, USB cable, power adapter, Cricut Access™ free trial membership, 50 free ready-to-make projects, including 25 sewing patterns, materials for a first project.

I hope you don't mind me gushing about this but I really love this machine. I am going to be creating and sharing projects with and about it in the weeks to come.

If you have a Quilter's Planner and enjoyed the stickers I created for January. Come back tomorrow for a new free sampler set for February and more about the Quilter's Planner Sampler Block :)


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

My 30 Day Art Challenge, What's Yours?

Hey Everyone,

In an effort to "Take back the Joy" like I mentioned last week, I have decided to try to learn to draw better and learn to use watercolors... so each day I am doing small drawings and pattern paintings in 30 day challenge classes by Lisa Congdon.

I think this one is my favorite so far.
These classes are on CreativeBug I am an affiliate so if you click and join I do get a few pennies at no extra charge to you.

Daily Painting Challenge: 31 Patterns to Paint taught by Lisa Congdon.
This was my first day on the challenge.
But I have to tell you that I don't endorse just anything and I truly love CreativeBug. It is just a $4.95 a month and there are thousands of classes you can watch as many as you want. Teachers like Anna Maria Horner, Heather Ross, Lizzy House, and Amy Butler.

Teacups are hard

You also get one class to save each month that you will have access to forever. End sales pitch... I just honestly do love the site so I want to share.

The roses are cute right?

Next Wednesday I will have the new stickers (like this) for the Quilter's Planner up for you. They are so cute for February... girlie ones this time. I love making stickers but they are pretty labor intensive :)

Chairs are hard too but I really want to learn them so I am going to practice more.

Leaves... today I am going to paint Leaves I will show you next week.
These Paisleys took forever

And so did this Harlequin

Tell me if you have any challenges that you have set for yourself this year. I would love to encourage you on your way.


Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Taking Back The Joy

Hi Everyone,

It is the second day of 2018 but the first day of the rest of your life. If you have been around here a little while you might realize life has been a bit hard for me over the last couple years. So this year is going to be the year that I "Take Back the Joy"!

I chose Joy as my word for this year a couple months ago. I told my daughter that we are going to Take and Bring back the Joy this year one day on our way to her school in November, and since then I have been thinking about it and planning it.

If you go back in my blog archives and look at my first couple years of blogging you will see that I used to have a lot of fun so let's get back to that shall we? I have big plans for the blog this year and I will reveal them a little at a time as we go. Some will be about sewing some will be about journaling or learning new art forms. So grab your planner and let's get to it :)

Did you choose a word for the year? If so why not comment and tell me what it is. It is always more fun to take a road trip with a friend or two.

Much Love and Joy,

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Happy Christmas Eve - Quilter's Planner Stickers in Use :)

Good Morning,

Happy Christmas Eve! May the Peace that passes all understanding be yours this year and always.

Peggy, you left a comment yesterday but no email. Can you please email me so I can send you the stickers? :)

I just wanted to show you how I decorated a few of the pages in my Quilter's Planner (affiliate link) for January.

On the Sampler page the top three stickers and the first two down the left side fit the boxes on the monthly layout page.

 Joy is my "Word of the Year" so you will see it a lot from me this year. I have decided to Take Back the Joy in 2018! But you can write whatever you want on the stickers :)

The last two rectangle boxes on the left fit the list box on the top of each daily layout. The dots and water drops are for the tracker. The larger of the two largest rectangles covers the box that is on the outside bottom of the page on either side of the planner.

The Weekend sticker covers the list boxes for the two weekend days. The smaller of the two large rectangles covers the box that is on the inside bottom of the page (there is less room due to the spiral).

Here are some more of the daily layouts decorated with the other sticker sheets.
 The 11th is my daughter's birthday and this little girl looks a lot like her.

And I think this might be one of my favorites:
Who doesn't love a hot drink :)

I hope you have a lovely Christmas Eve!


Saturday, December 23, 2017

Quilter's Planner and Some Freebies

Hey Everyone,

You probably have seen that I am a planner addict. If you look at my instagram feed you can see that I spend as much time in my planner as I do in front of my sewing machine... I also love to make stickers and arty stuff for my planners.

As you can see above I am on a "Teal Winter" train right now.

I was ever so fortunate to receive my Quilter's Planner at Market and instantly fell in love with it. It is going to be my master planner for the year. What I mean by that is that all of my other planners will feed into this one since it has an hour by hour schedule and nice big pages for getting messy.

I let the ladies at Quilter's Planner know how much I love their product and they asked me to become an affiliate. If you consider purchasing I would love for you to use my link I get a small amount of compensation at no extra cost to you and you get a free bonus that I will tell you about in a minute.

It comes with tons of fun stickers designed by Alison Glass, in the book itself.

 It also comes with a magazine that has the patterns for all of the monthly quilt blocks and a few other really cool projects.

There are gorgeous coloring pages of Alison's designs as well.

And of course the regular planning pages.

I love making stickers for my regular planner so I decided to make box stickers for the Quilter's Planner. Just for me... then I thought maybe you all would like to have them too. So just for fun here is a sampler sticker page for everyone. For best results download the file then print. The pdf app i opens in the browser is not so good. These are the (this is also an affiliate link) labels I use to print on.

I also have a bonus for you. If you buy the Quilter's Planner from my link and you email me to let me know I will send you copies of the three other sticker sheets I made. These are in PDF format so anyone can print them on label paper and use them too. If you already have the planner you can buy the PDF downloads for $3 :)
I will be making new ones with themes throughout the year. January is obviously Winter Themed. Periodically I will have free sampler sheets for those that buy/bought through my affiliate link.

PS. If you have a Silhouette let me know and I will send the Silhouette cut files so you can cut these in your silhouette easily :)
PPS: I will be showing the Sampler Stickers in use tomorrow so come on back :)

You will want to grab up your planner soon since January is just around the corner.

Pretty soon we will be doing another Quilt Along with Tilda's newest collection that comes out in February, called LemonTree. And you will all see me around here a lot more often :)


Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Cottage Christmas Quilt Along Final Post - Kinda

Hey Everyone,

As usual the world got in the way this week. So I didn't actually get my blocks finished yet. I did come by to tell you all how to finish the Lap Quilt if you want to do it like mine... of course you can do whatever you want :)

 I am sure that you figured this out but just in case. You will sew two rows of cross and crown and star crossed blocks together then sew them to the one tree block on the top and the two tree blocks on the bottom.

I used 1 1/2" strips (to finish at 1") for the inner border, and 2 1/2" strips (to finish at 2") for the outer border. Sewn end to end then cut to size. I am going to use the left over small pieces of assorted fabrics to make a binding.

If you are making The Table Runner I designed it to have 1 1/2" strips for the border making them 1" finished. This is different from the way that Brooke finished hers. So if you bought the kit just know that there is only enough of the Minerva in Red to make 1" borders.

Sally is quilting her Bed Runner as I write this (over achiever) and she finished it the same way I designed it but used different fabric for the border. So you can look at her post for that info.

I hope you will all share on social media or through email when you are finished. I would love to see it.