Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Winner Winner ...

Shall we see who won this bag of goodies?

Here is the number of the comment that won:

number 89 is:

I've made the firefly as part of Elizabeth's Forest Friends quilt and the large one is so cute too. It should go together pretty fast for a darling quilt.

Pattie you are no reply and you have no contact info on your profile you also didn't leave a contact on your comment. Please contact me (my email is linked in my profile) to collect your prize.

Thanks for playing everyone!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Lots of new stuff to share... and a giveaway.

Hey Everyone,

So many things to wrap up here and so many fun projects happening...

I went to Sewtopia and got to take classes with Denyse Schmidt and Elizabeth Hartman. I also got to see where the women of Cotton + Steel create their magic. I feel so fortunate and blessed to be able to do things like this....

Here is my Francis Firefly quilt... so in love with these colors.

 This is the pattern and it will be out for sale this summer.

Here is my start of my Free Wheeling Single Girl... I am not making any more rings but I am going to add a top and left side border to it. I want it to hang on my wall at home.

 This shows the colors better.

We also got to see Cotton + Steel's new fabrics at their studio. How much do we love that? I had decided to wait until I could see the prints before I bought them this time and I can officially say the ones that are coming this summer are my favorites so far. We were not allowed to take pictures but I promise you don't want to miss them.

Here are some photos from their sweet studio in Atlanta:

Since I have gotten back from the trip we have had lots of new fabrics arrive...

Here is Alison Glass' Handcrafted Patchwork this picture does not do it justice the colors are out of this world!

We also got Lavish by Katarina Roccella. This gorgeous collection is so sumptuous. Of course you can't go wrong with Art Gallery Fabrics. So soft and drapey.

Then we got two Christmas Collections... I know it is only April but what can we do this is when they send them. You could get a big head start on your Christmas sewing.

Cotton + Steel's Garland is so adorable it matches perfectly with last year's Tinsel and has some smaller scale prints. I am having a hard time deciding my favorite print but the little Reindeer are precious.

We also received Violet Craft's beautiful Christmas on Brambleberry Ridge which contains some of my all time favorite prints that Violet has done in some of her collections... reprinted in holiday colors.

And by Thursday Lizzy House' Whisper Prints should be in ... here is a picture that Andover published of them:

What a lovely lot of low volume prints right? You can purchase them now and we will ship them as soon as they are in.

See I told you there was a lot :)

Here is the Giveaway!

See the brown paper bags in everyone's hands in this picture?
They are filled with goodies from Cotton + Steel. Scraps and stickers and tattoos... and I have some fun things from the swag bag from Sewtopia to add to it. You can win the bag and it's contents by leaving a comment below telling me what you like best about all of the new things I showed. I will draw a winner next Tuesday. Good Luck!

Giveaway is now closed.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Our Annual No Foolin' Sale and Big Shop News!

Hi Everyone,

See below for all of the new gorgeous fabric we have in stock. But first please read our big news:

Big news for those that are in store customers and I suppose for online customers as well. We are closing the brick and mortar shop as of April 30th. I know this will throw some of you for a loop. I am so sorry to announce it this way but this seemed the best way to get the news out to everyone at the same time.

Before rumors start or anything like that it isn't because I am going out of business. I have found it increasingly hard to keep up with everything that needs to be handled at the brick and mortar shop and all of my health issues after the heart attack I had in November, but I love this business that I built and I am not letting it go. I just need to have it work around my schedule again.

This change won't make any difference in service to our online customers you shouldn't even notice the change at all.

We will be in the current building until October and if you normally pick up items in the shop you can still do that on Wednesday afternoon/evenings and Fridays. If you come for open sew or Guild meetings you can still do that and purchase items while you are in the shop. After October I plan to move to a smaller space and again you should be able to pick up from there if you like as well.

If you are coming from out of town you are still welcome to come visit (I would be sad if you didn't) just message me and let me know so that I can be here with bells on to meet you.

Since my husband and I made this decision last week I feel my creative energy returning. I can't wait to have time to get back to doing the things I love most. Writing tutorials and patterns and interacting with my customers more. The blog will get fired up again and you will be seeing a lot more fun things coming from me.

Now for something way more fun and interesting. Our Annual No Foolin' Sale. Every year we have a huge sale on April 1st and that is No Foolin'!

No Foolin': We are having a sale with hundreds of fabrics priced from $4 to $8 per yard. From tonight at midnight Eastern 9pm Pacific to Saturday noon Eastern 9am Pacific. ** Please do not use any other coupons or discounts with this sale. When you click on the "Shop" tab on the website the sale section will pop up first. Things will sell out fast. If we are out of something we will refund you. If there is anything that you buy that you must have a certain amount of yardage on let us know by email otherwise we will send what is available. Also please give us some extra time for shipping. Our last sale took us about a week to complete shipping we do them in the order they come in but sometimes it takes quite a while to get through them all.

These are the great fabrics that just came in:

Heather Ross' Mendocino
 We have been waiting years for this haven't we? I have full bundles left so come get them before they are gone.

 And Black + White 2016 from Cotton + Steel  is here

We also have Chipper Bundles reloaded

So much fun!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Chipper by Tula Pink is in ... What I am Sewing

Hey Everyone,

I neglected the blog while we were getting all of the sale orders out. It took us a full week to fill all of the orders.

Chipper by Tula Pink is in and it is gorgeous... of course! I took these pics with my new phone I think it works better than my DSLR

I decided to make a knit blanket with reverse applique as described in Alison Glass' book Modern Applique.  Rather than using a solid piece of fabric as she did in the book I decided to piece the middle layer so that different fabrics would show when I did the cut outs. I used Fibs and Fable and cut 10 inch squares then made a simple patchwork out of it.

 These are my new pot holders I made them with little charms I got from my Sewtopia Swag Bag they are almost done just binding to go.

 Last but not least I picked fabrics for a class I am taking with Elizabeth Hartman at Sewtopia Atlanta. I rarely stash fabrics from the shop because if I want to make something there is always something new to pick up and make with,.. but I fell in love with 4 collections this year that I had to make sure I kept a bit for myself. Rhoda Ruth, Blueberry Park, Sun Prints 2016, and The Lovely Hunt. This is a mix of three of them. I will use The Lovely Hunt for my class with Denyse Schmidt (Free Wheeling Single Girl). It makes me happy to use these fun beautiful fabrics.

 Hope you have the best of Thursdays!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Flash Sale

Flash 48 Sale: We are having a sale over 1500 items priced from $4 to $8 per yard plus notions at 20% to 50% off. For 48 hrs now through Tuesday at Noon Pacific. ** Please do not use any other coupons or discounts with this sale.When you click shop on the website, the sale section will be the first one that comes up. Things will sell out fast. If we are out of something we will refund you. If there is anything that you buy that you must have a certain amount of yardage on let us know by email otherwise we will send what is available.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Fabulous Fabric Friday March Pre-View

Hi Everyone,

Hope you had a great week. I have just been recovering from Quiltnon. If you didn't catch it ... it was quite a spectacle.  We had more than 2000 posts over the weekend to our Instagram hashtag.

I just wanted to take today to preview for you some of the awesome stuff coming this month. I have also added pre-orders for it all so you can be the first in.

We have Tula Pink's Chipper Arriving... adorable Chipmunks and Foxes:

Mendocino by Heather Ross is also on the way soon... of course we have all been anticipating this one for a few years can't believe it is finally here.

Cotton + Steel's new Black and White Collection is coming.

We also have Cotton + Steel's new Christmas Collection Garland coming... I know it is so soon...

But surprisingly the thing I am looking forward to most is the Sparkle Essex Linen... we have a few colors coming with gorgeous silver sparkle.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Quiltnon Details

Hi Everyone,

As you all undoubtedly know, Quiltcon starts tomorrow so for us lonely souls at home we are presenting Quiltnon.

Here is the lowdown....

Starting at Noon Pacific - 3pm Eastern tomorrow and going through Noon Pacific 3pm Eastern on Sunday we will be posting fun weekend games and challenges on Instagram under the hashtag #quiltnon2016

Every 2-3 hrs from approximately 9am Eastern until Midnight Pacific (in the US) will be hosted by one of our lovely volunteers. They will be able to help you if you have questions about what is going on. When a new volunteer takes over she will post this photo on the hashtag and you can ask her a question on the post bearing this image.
Each hostess will also post a challenge, game, or tutorial. The challenges will have prizes. The rules and details are posted farther down in this post.

We have some great sponsors for prizes. Please consider purchasing items from them so that they can continue to support our community with their great products.

Prize Donors include:


Make Modern Magazine

Little Bluebell 

 Make It Modern Events 

  Kid Giddy

As well as prizes from my shop, some of the hostesses, and other Good Samaritans.

Since you do not have access to the vendor hall at Quiltcon you can find a lot of the same fabrics with our virtual vendors:

Westwood Acres 

Use coupon code Quiltnon10 for a 10% discount on your order during the event.

Batiks Etcetera and Sew What Fabrics 

 Use coupon code Quiltnon10 for a 10% discount on your order during the event.

and of course my shop

The Intrepid Thread  

Use coupon code Quiltnon10 for a 10% discount on your order during the event.

In addition to 3 prize subscriptions Make Modern is offering a discount code on single issues and bundles in their online shop until April 1st with this code: Quiltnon16

Rules (or just information that you might like to know):

There are tutorials and challenges. The challenges have prizes and you are eligible for those prizes if you enter the challenge in the time period that it is posted. This gives you lots of chances to win prizes. So you have a chance no matter if you can only play once or twice during the weekend or every time.

Some of the time slots will be for tutorials. Tutorials also have prizes associated with them but they will be awarded on Sunday. We have a tutorial for a basket, a pillow, and tutorials for 6" blocks to make a mini sampler quilt as a memento of the weekend. If you finish any of these projects during the weekend you will be eligible for one of the three prizes on Sunday.

We will post a UFO challenge at the beginning of the event tomorrow and there will be a prize for that on Sunday as well.

Come and play... do one or do all of the challenges. It s up to you how much you participate. Make sure you use the hashtag when you post #quiltnon2016


I will add a link here to each of the tutorials as they are published.

The Pixie Basket 

by Heidi Staples of 
If you make the Pixie Basket you will be eligible for a drawing on Sunday for a 6 month Subscription to Make Modern Magazine

Our Sampler Blocks Tutorials:

The Stacked HSTs Block

By Melissa at SewbitterSweet Designs
You can find the fabric Melissa used in her design, You+Me,  at our sponsor Batiks Etcetera

The Mini Trellis Block
By Reene at Nellie's Niceties
You can find the fabrics that Reene used in her design, Blueberry Park, at our sponsor The Intrepid Thread

By Me :)

You can find the fabrics I used in my design, Canyon, at our sponsor Westwood Acres

 The Double Hourglass Block  

 By Ginny @fishcreekstudio

The Fancy Fat Cat Block  

By Polly of Pieces by Polly
This block tutorial is sponsored by Fairfield.

If you make six blocks in for our mini sampler you will be eligible for a drawing on Sunday. To clarify you do not have to make the whole quilt just the blocks. There are now a total of 7 blocks but you only have to make 6 to me eligible for a Fat Quarter Bundle of 12 of the new Alison Glass Sunprints sponsored by Me :) Please use the hashtag #quiltnonsampler with a picture of your 6 blocks so that it is easier for us to find you for the giveaway tomorrow.

If you have asked a question here and not gotten an answer it is because you are no reply meaning that I cannot contact you because your email does not show when you reply. Please leave your email if you have a question just in case you are no reply. You can code it so the bots won't spam you by saying "soanso at suchnsuchemail dot com"

I know some people do not use Instagram. I am sorry. It is really the only way to run this event because we need real time feedback. I am not doing this for my business it is simply a way to keep my mind off of the fact that I can't go to Quiltcon. So again I am sorry that I can't make it fit for everyone.