Sunday, December 4, 2016

Our New Block of the Month Programs

Hi Everyone,

I bet you were wondering when we were going to announce the new Block of the Month programs for 2017. Just like last year I have been searching high and low for the perfect program and have decided to go with one pre-built BOM and two that I made up myself... Also I might have a 4th up my sleeve but I have to get the pattern in my hands first to make sure it is workable.... that one will remain TBA for now.

First We have the Urbanologie BOM created by Sew Kind Of Wonderful to use with their QCR Mini Ruler. I am so happy I went to their Schoolhouse at Market I am in love with these quilts. I love sewing curves and I promise once you learn Jenny's way you will love it too. Besides you get these amazing results:

Layout #1 =  56" by 64"

Layout #2 =  63" by 81"

Layout #3 57" by 84"

Each of the blocks in this quilt can be used to make other quilts too. Our block of the month program will allow you to choose your favorite layout from the three above and the fabrics that we send each month will be similar in style and tone to the ones you see in these examples we will use mostly solids and monotone prints (one color with black or white) for the blocks and backgrounds that are similar to what you see in the pictures. Cost will be $17.95 including shipping and will start in January and continue through December of 2017. The down payment will cover my cost of the  pattern and ruler there is also a shipping charge for the book of $3.75.. I am offering an option without the ruler in case you already have one, as well, but be aware that you can not make these blocks without the Mini Quick Curve Ruler. You can find the sign up here.

Our Second Program I am calling Zakka Project of the Month. We will make small projects in the Japanese Style of handmade small objects. Things like this little house pouch that I made at Sewtopia:

Or this cute notebook cover that I made this weekend:

We may use patterns that are separate but we will definitely use the Sew Illustrated book that this pouch came out of...

All of the materials for each project will be included each month... like zippers or purse frames... whatever is required beyond basic sewing supplies. The price will be $19.99 a month including shipping. The Sew Illustrated book and first month project will ship together in January. The sign up fee includes the book. If you already have the book you can just pay for the registration fee. You can find the sign up here.

Lastly I am going to help you use your own stash with the Scrappy Stash Buster Club.  Every year almost everyone I know tells me they want to use the fabric they already have and not spend money on new fabric. This is my effort to help you with your effort. If you have been following me on Instagram you might have noticed my new obsession with planners. It is like quilting with paper. You may or may not have noticed my new found productivity. These two things go hand in hand.

This is the planner that I use:

It is not crafty specific but I love that it is a ring binder so I can add my own pages, neatly, to it.  It comes with all of those pretty monthly divider tabs and your weekly planner pages as well as month at a glance pages. It is split leather with a split leather interior and it has pockets inside the cover that I use for my cards so I can carry it around in place of my purse if I want to.

Another option is the Scrappy Project Planner by Lori Holt of Bee in My Bonnet.

The planner has a section for planning your projects and tips and tricks for organizing your crafting. It also has quilt patterns to help you use your stash. We will not be making those in the club but they are there for you to use if you choose.

This club will include the planner; there will be an option if you already have a planner.
Each month you will receive items to decorate your planner such as:

  • stickers
  • stamps
  • pens
  • papers
  • die cuts
  • special inserts for planning projects and organizing your stash
  • tips and tricks to sort and use your stash
  • quilter friendly recipes (more time to sew)
  • an exclusive quilt block each month
  • quilt setting examples for the quilt block each month as well as a setting for a sampler at the end of the year
 You will not receive more fabric with this club but you will receive encouragement to use your stash. Membership to the club is $12.95 a month that includes shipping. This club does not have an end date so you can continue as long as you want. The registration fee is for one of the planners or $5 administration fee if you already have a planner. The planners will ship with the first month of the club this will help keep your cost for shipping down since we will have to ship these in a box. You can find the sign up here.

As always I will be supporting the BOM's with exclusive newsletters each month. Payment invoices will be sent out on the 15th of each month and BOM packages will ship the 23rd of each month.


Friday, December 2, 2016

Fabulous Fabric Friday and a Giveaway

Hey Everyone,

We have Wildabon quilt kits up for reservation down payment... They will ship out when Friedlander comes in next month. And we got all of our Black Friday shipping finished by Tuesday this week and we still have lots of items (over 900) in our Clearance section. 

I have been doing a tiny bit of sewing and we got a pretty new collection of fabric in....

Bird's Eye View is here... it is 100% Certified GOTS Organic something I didn't know until I was doing research for another project is that GOTS makes sure that the manufacturer uses ethical practices and the employees make a good wage for their work. Makes me feel good about spending my money on it.

This quilt has a free pattern and we also have a kit available.

If you have seen my Instagram feed you might have noticed my obsession with planners lately. I especially love Midori Traveler's Notebooks  because they have grid inserts available that are awesome for carrying around to design quilts in... I made this fun little cover for mine out of a couple of fat quarter's that I won.

I also embroidered and made this adorable purse with some linen and Liberty...

If you would like to win the pattern kit (come with pattern and clasp, I will also include a piece of linen and a cute piece of fabric) for this little purse leave a message below. Edit: I am sorry if there was any misunderstanding but I am not giving away the embroidery pattern it came from the Zakka Embroidery book that I showed last week and that would be copyright infringement but there are tons of cute embroidery patterns that are free on Pinterest if you need one.

Have a lovely weekend!

Links that appear on this blog might be affiliate links for which I receive compensation.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Black Friday Sale and Happy Monday..errrr I mean Wednesday

Well, I wrote this post on Monday but never published it... all the better now that I have more to say :)

As I mentioned last Monday I was hoping to get some slow sewing in over the weekend and happily I did. I caught a cold in my travels and was pretty low last week so I took Saturday off and sat with my Aurifil 28 weight thread (it works great for embroidery) and some linen and stitched up these cute little pieces that I am going to cut out and make into book marks.

  I love this little book it has so many cute projects in it... not just the embroidery designs but patterns for little bags, apron, headband, coasters, ornaments... all kinds of cute stuff. You can find the book for sale here: Zakka Embroidery

I have always thought my embroidery skills were about as bad as my handwriting so I am hoping this little project and my Slow Sewing Sundays will improve my skills somewhat. Also I am discovering some fun new products to help transfer the patterns to fabric like Iron on Transfer Pencils and Printable Dissolving Stabilizer I am going to use this stuff to death.

Now on to the important stuff :)

We are having a Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale.

20 to 70% off on all in stock yardage, including 50% on notions patterns, and books. No coupon code is necessary the prices will already be marked down so what you see is what you pay. The sale will go live at Midnight Eastern US time on Thursday night 11/24 until Midnight Eastern US time Monday night 11/28.

Please be patient about shipping we cut and ship in the order in which we receive your orders but it can take as much as an extra 5 business days to ship during a large sale like this. If you do not see a shipping notice within a week please contact us. Also, things tend to sell out without notice so please make sure that you check the email address you use at checkout so that we can contact you if we run out of something.

Have the best Thanksgiving ever!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Happy Monday! And a free pattern...

I know it has been a long time since I made a Happy Monday post. As most of you know I have been a little sick for the last year and a half but I am so much better now (if a little tired from my travels). It has made me not as chipper as I formerly was.... but that all is changing and I am starting to feel like my old self (uh oh watch out) :)

I made this sewing machine cover for my roommate Jaime, at Sewtopia.

I have been promising this pattern on my Instagram for a few weeks so here it is... <-- click there.

This is just a paper piecing pattern so pretty self explanatory. You will need two printouts for each Spinner block. The block is 8 inches square. I think what makes it look three dimensional is the colors, I put the warmer spectrum on the top and the cooler spectrum on the bottom (it is upside down in the picture above).

To make the block you will need 3" strips of each of your 8 colors (if you are not a precision paper piecer like me). It is easiest to sew them from the outside (wide side) of each ray in toward the center, because when the seams start to get thicker it is easier to get over them from the other side rather than starting at the thick part.

So as I mentioned I was at Sewtopia... having too much fun because the only thing I accomplished (or completed start to finish) was this little Zippy Pouch House:

I adore it... You can find it in Sew Illustrated

This book is so awesome I want to make everything in it... I got it just before I left for Sewtopia... along with Zakka Embroidery I will try to get a few of the embroidery projects done in my slow sewing time on Sunday and show them to you for next Happy Monday.


ps. The links to the books on Amazon are affiliate links, meaning I get a few pennies if you buy them through the links. Just full disclosure.

Friday, November 11, 2016

A fun sale...

Hey Everyone,

I have been go since a week before Market but I promise to settle down next week and you will see much more of me. I am at Sewtopia in Austin right now so I thought I would share a little sale while I am away.

You can use the coupon code CATSAWAY to take 20% off everything in the shop including new items and clearance (yes even the $3 a yard fabric) until Sunday at Midnight. Only one caveat please, please, order Pre-Orders separately. It is super hard for us to keep track of pre-orders when they are included with sale items and we wouldn't want your order to get messed up. 
Please remember that our system will let two people check out at the same time with the same item so sometimes things might be sold out even if you have checked out with them. We just did inventory so hopefully it will be minimal but it could happen. Please leave us a valid email to contact you just in case we need to. Also because I will be in Texas until Monday night shipping will be a little slower because even though the worker bees will be working I won't be there to lovingly urge them on 😜

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Our Annual Market Week Sale

Hey Everyone,

I am sorry I have been so quiet. I have a little pattern to share with you when I get home from Market (I am flying out this morning). In the mean time... we have this sale for you.

You can use the coupon code MARKET20 to take 20% off everything in the shop including new items and clearance (yes even the $3 a yard fabric) until Friday. Only one caveat please, please, order Pre-Orders separately. It is super hard for us to keep track of pre-orders when they are included with sale items and we wouldn't want your order to get messed up.

Please remember that our system will let two people check out at the same time with the same item so sometimes things might be sold out even if you have checked out with them. We just did inventory so hopefully it will be minimal but it could happen. Please leave us a valid email to contact you just in case we need to. Also because I will be in Texas until Monday night shipping will be a little slower... I am the facilitator even though my helpers will be working I just make things faster because I can error check without having to look things up. They are very conscientious though :) This is bound to be a big sale so give us a few extra days to get things shipped.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Huge Clearance Sale

Hey Everyone,

We have moved into our new studio. It is a huge mess still while we organize all the fabric but it is coming along. It is definitely my new happy place. The new place is about 1200 square feet smaller than our old place but the space is infinitely more usable and it all wide open but I guess I have been buying fabric faster than we have been clearing it out because even though we have sold a bunch in our sales for the last month the shelves are still bulging at the seams. Also, we are getting another 90 or so bolts (a huge restock of Kona and some super cute double gauze) next week as well as 50 new bolts of Alison Glass fabrics this month and an adorable off the beaten path collection that coordinates really well with Heartland called Josephine. Kate Spain's Grand Canal is also coming... so we need to clear off some shelves needless to say... I just marked down everything that isn't brand spankin' new. There are close to a thousand items in our clearance section. All of our Christmas fabric is marked down at least 40% some is $3 a yard.  Cotton + Steel is marked down 20-50%. I even marked down fat quarter bundles and half yard bundles of a lot of things.