Monday, April 29, 2013

More blocks and a coupon code

Hi Everyone,

We had our meeting of the Tula Pink Quilting Club on Saturday and we worked on the Tula Pink City Sampler BOM blocks... here are Anne, Gerre, and my #1, #11, #21 blocks all together:

Here is #81 from Anne and I 
And here are my #31, #41, #51, #61, #71, and #91

There is a 10% off coupon code until midnight tomorrow (Tuesday 4/30) it is MAYDAY, not as in trouble but as in it runs until May Day :)

Have a super Monday!


  1. Looks so tempting. Nice blocks.

  2. My book came today YAYYY and what's more it's my birthday. I was so excited I just can't tell you. Now I'm waiitng for the fabric but before that I am going to get my blocks for my Bees done hopefully before your fabric pack gets here. I am so excited. That book is just awesome!!! Thank you so much for arranging this.

  3. I have to tell you I just ADORE the fabrics you've picked and am so excited to use them just like you have. I'm determined to have finished all 10 blocks by the end of this month and keep up with something I start. Thank you so much for doing this - it is totally AWESOME!!!


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