Market and Another Giveaway

Wednesday, May 15, 2013
Hi Everyone,

I am off tomorrow to Quilt Market. Now that I have the iPhone I will be able to keep you all updated so much easier. I have put the instagram icon in the upper right corner her on the blog so follow along if you want to see our adventures. You will see Miss Brooke and Miss Sally (the regular contributors to my newsletter tutorials) and all kinds of other wonderful people.

So my friend Patti (also in the UK as it so happens) is hosting a giveaway for this cool colorway of Bonjour Mon Ami by Amanda Murphy. It will be in the shop this week.

So head on over there and see if you can get some.

I will see you from Quilt Market tomorrow...
4 comments on "Market and Another Giveaway "
  1. Have fun and take more pictures than you think you should. ;)

  2. Have a great time at Market!!

  3. Have fun!
    I always look forward to all the different bloggers reports!


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