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Friday, February 21, 2014
it has been a while since I sat down to blog just because I wanted to. Weeellll, that isn't completely true. I mean no one makes me do anything I don't want to do. So every time I blog it is because I want to on some level :) And we do have some new fabric in ... but... Do you all mind if I talk about something other than sewing for a minute? I didn't think you would ... at least if I don't make a habit out of it :)

At the beginning of the year I told you what my "Phrase for the year" was... 'cause I couldn't pick just one word. It is "Live What You Love". So the blog has been a little quiet while I worked on doing just that. I had three commitments for sewing up to that point that I still needed to finish. I am down to the last one and it is a small project for someone I love so it isn't a burden. I feel liberated... finally I am going to do a bit of selfish sewing for the first time since I opened the shop... 3 yrs can you believe it? I have also discovered (or rediscovered) a love of knitting. This is my latest obsession newly started:

It is a pattern called Spindleberry and if you are on Ravelry you can get it for free until the end of the month. I adore this pinky red, orangy, purple yarn hehe. It is super soft. The Color is called Sangria and it is made by Abstract Yarns ... it is called Mighty Sock LOL A mix of Superwash Merino and Tencel fibers. It is a little shiny and stretchy and, like I said, soft :)

Here is a picture of the first full size shawl I have made... it still needed another 10 rows or so when I took the picture (but it is finished now) and it is all piled up but I love how squishy it is:

Hmmm wonder what it says that the two yarns out of the (uh hmmm) ton of yarn I have bought this month that I chose to use first are both a shade of red :)

Now on to the usual programming... We do have some new gorgeous fabric in...

Ed Emberley's Picture Pie by Cloud9 I mean really... how could I resist those foxes and raccoons?

And Meadow by Leah Duncan for Art Gallery It is no secret that Leach Duncan is one of my favorite surface designers I love her style. It is hard to choose a favorite but I think it is probably the floral third one down on the left... I need a summer top out of that. Yay selfish sewing!

We have also decided to re-open Gypsy Wife for a second cutting so if you missed out on the first one you can get in on this one.

I hope you have the Loveliest of Weekends! I have a yarn show to go to... oh the obsession :)
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  1. is that the show in Santa Clara? Please take photos! It looks like so much fun. I can't knit but I can rock crochet!

  2. I love your knitting! I'm about to start my first ever shawl (leaf evolution) - after looking at the pattern I'm slightly wondering what on earth I've got myself into but my friend has promised to hold my hand if I need it...I think I'll need it!! It's lovely to see a blog post for you and I'm looking forward to seeing what you sew for yourself - it's about time!!
    P.S. Love those foxes!

  3. I know a few us from Wednesday night open sew are headed for Stitches West today. I'll look for you there. It should be awesome and so many gorgeous yarns. Have fun!

  4. Hi Julie!!!! Maybe all that fabric was covering you up!!!! But during the winter that can be a good thing!!! But it is good to see you!!!! I crochet and I love yarn!!! Thanks for the fun!!!!

  5. Hi Julie! The color of the yarn is just lovely. Can't wait to see the finished product. I hope you do better on the selfish sewing than I do. I make that decision, get everything wrapped up, look at my fabric and thing "Oh so-and-so would like this" and off I go. Maybe I'll follow your lead this weekend!

  6. Yeah for taking care of yourself, and doing something you love! I'm working on getting better at that. I know it makes me a better mom, wife and happier person overall.

    Has it really been three years? Wow, I still remember stopping by your shop when you were doing inventory, and you so graciously let me look around for a few minutes. I think you had either just opened that week, or were about to open.

    See you soon!

  7. Hi Julie. I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful bundle of fabric that is being given away on Jan's blog. Her blog is the Sew and Sow Farm blog. It is so nice of you to sponsor this giveaway.

  8. Glad you finally get to do some selfish sewing! I know the feeling, but I'm hoping to get there on Sunday...

  9. Your shawl looks super soft and so feminine! Lovely job, Julie. Love that Picture Pie.

  10. Yeah for you for finding some you time. I can't wait to see more.

  11. Hello Julie, I am sending HUGS and Good Wishes for a nice day to you from Sew+Sow Farm Blog!


  12. Love all your fabric. sending good wishes from Sew & sow Farm blog.


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