Lots of pictures.... and some new stuff in the shop.

Thursday, April 17, 2014
Hey Everyone,

Well, we seem to have unburied ourselves from the mounds of orders over the weekend. I love the day after... Last weekend I took a few hours out and made some art with my favorite artist, Kristen Robinson. She comes down (she lives in my old home town in Oregon) to visit usually twice a year and I get the privilege of taking a class and hanging out with her and a bunch of awesome crafty friends.

Here we are... thanks for the Photo Lexi I wish you were in it. And Sinta notice what quilt I chose for us to stand in front of :)
Here are the panels that I created that day:

Notice the top one and the left one have fabric on them of course!

So yesterday once the last of the orders were ready to go (thanks to Colleen and Maxine) I got to pull out the new stuff that came in and get some pictures.

Here is a fun bundle of Basics from Patty Young... I adore those Type keys and dots!

Then I re-stocked the Domino Dots from Violet Craft's Waterfront Park. I had always wanted to make bundles with just the dots and I finally get to do that:

Then of course I fell in love with Stitch when it originally came out in just a couple colors now Michael Miller got smart and added a ton of colors and we have them. We have both Stitch Squares and Stitch Circles:

Yay.... pretty pictures!
11 comments on "Lots of pictures.... and some new stuff in the shop."
  1. Love those stitched prints! And so many colors to choose from.

    I see my quilt trying to peek into the right side of that first picture. :)

  2. Great pictures! I love love stitch squares! The new Patti Young basics are wonderful!

  3. Love what you made, and of course all your colourful bundles!

  4. Looks like you got to have some fun!

  5. LOVING the Typewriter keys fabric. Soooo adorable!

  6. I hope you don't mind if I say that THIS is my porn. I could browse your pretty pictures all day. I love the new ones! So many dots today! I love them and I want them all.

  7. I love those panels you made! They look like they were fun. Of course, the fabric pretties are nice to see too. Funny, but I always thought the Stitch circles were a cloud print of some sort. Lol!

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  9. Such pretty colors. I love starting out my day with gorgeous pictures of bright fabric. I just wish I could reach out and touch it too!


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