More new fabrics... and a reminder

Tuesday, June 10, 2014
Sorry if you don't like seeing fabric pictures it might be a bad week to hang around here... Lots of new stuff coming... and we just got tons of new Aurifil in too (it will be posted a little later this evening 'cause it takes forever)

We got Alison Glass' Field Day ... which we have been waiting for forever... so happy it is in and so pretty!!

Then we got 40 of the 50 American Made Brand Solids in... the others are Back Ordered... I hate that 'cause I want 'em now!

Here are two small reminders:

A week from tomorrow (Wednesday) the Shop Hop by the Bay starts. If you are local to the SF bay area you won't want to miss the fun.

The meeting of the new Silicon Valley Modern Quilt guild is on the 26th not the 12th (that was an error on my part in the newsletter).

Back to the grind... gotta say it has been fun getting all the new pretties in.... :)
6 comments on "More new fabrics... and a reminder"
  1. If you don't like looking at fabric pictures, you can unsubscribe from this blog. Like now :))))

  2. I was thinking the same thing as Katy. Why would anyone ever come here if they don't like fabric porn, ahem, pics?

  3. I'll load the Aurifil on the website for you!! You can pay me in... Aurifil thread! If only I wasn't thousands of kilometres away...

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  5. I like your post and the way you structure your column t’was so cool. Keeps it going and I’ll keep coming back.

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