Fabric Friday... in case you're wondering... Doe

Friday, November 21, 2014
Hi Everyone,

I know we are all impatiently waiting for Doe. I am right there with you (luckily I have a tiny bit to play with from Sample Spree). You might have seen bolts being shown around and wonder "why don't we have it yet?" ... for some reason it made it to Canada and UK distributors before it made it to the US. We will be one of the first shops to get it once it is here because Kaufman is in California so it gets here within 2 days for us. I promise it is coming... and I hate waiting more than anyone I know. :)

This week we got Ashton Road by Valori Wells I picked my favorites from this collection it is fun and playful. I love the border stripe of tree houses and the way it is printed you could get a yard and make two table runners just by cutting it down the middle. It is printed back to back so each side of the table would have the tree houses right side up... so brilliant!

I also love the Boho feel of this floral:

There is a lovely warm version too:

I have been sewing this week. I can't wait to show you... hopefully I will have time to finish up some things this weekend.

Have a super weekend!
2 comments on "Fabric Friday... in case you're wondering... Doe"
  1. Lol how did you know I was checking your blog exactly for that reason???!!!


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