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Thursday, March 10, 2016
Hey Everyone,

I neglected the blog while we were getting all of the sale orders out. It took us a full week to fill all of the orders.

Chipper by Tula Pink is in and it is gorgeous... of course! I took these pics with my new phone I think it works better than my DSLR

I decided to make a knit blanket with reverse applique as described in Alison Glass' book Modern Applique.  Rather than using a solid piece of fabric as she did in the book I decided to piece the middle layer so that different fabrics would show when I did the cut outs. I used Fibs and Fable and cut 10 inch squares then made a simple patchwork out of it.

 These are my new pot holders I made them with little charms I got from my Sewtopia Swag Bag they are almost done just binding to go.

 Last but not least I picked fabrics for a class I am taking with Elizabeth Hartman at Sewtopia Atlanta. I rarely stash fabrics from the shop because if I want to make something there is always something new to pick up and make with,.. but I fell in love with 4 collections this year that I had to make sure I kept a bit for myself. Rhoda Ruth, Blueberry Park, Sun Prints 2016, and The Lovely Hunt. This is a mix of three of them. I will use The Lovely Hunt for my class with Denyse Schmidt (Free Wheeling Single Girl). It makes me happy to use these fun beautiful fabrics.

 Hope you have the best of Thursdays!
4 comments on "Chipper by Tula Pink is in ... What I am Sewing"
  1. Awesome fabrics - your photos are great! Love the stripes!!!

  2. Wow,luscious fabric line and great photos.Hard to choose only one favoarite,the purple ones caught my eye .

  3. Ha! I think we have similar fabric tastes - the fabric lines you stashed are my wish list fabrics! Blueberry Park and Sun Prints 2016 especially seem so perfect for stashing.

  4. Thank you for sharing in this article
    I can learn a lot and could also be a reference
    I hope to read the next your article updates

    [-] KLG


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