Pixie Summer Home QAL Sashing Edition and Linky Party

Wednesday, August 17, 2016
Hey Everyone,

We are getting on toward the end of the QAL so I thought I would tell you how I am going to finish my quilt. The way I am doing mine is a simple setting that will make my quilt 51" by 63" which I think is a nice size for Winter lap quilt sitting. Don't forget to head over to Sally and Brooke's blogs to see what they have for you today too...

Sashing stips are:

3 1/2" y 51 1/2"  for the horizontal pieces you would need six if you are doing my layout.
3 1/2" by 9 1/2" for the vertical sashing pieces you would need 25 for my layout.
(I know my picture shows corner stones but I am not using any)

That was a quicky huh?

Do you mind if I show you what came into the shop yesterday? When I first came back to quilting after a hiatus of getting my life together :) One of the very first collections I fell in love with was Meadowsweet by Sandi Henderson. It is still my all time favorite fabric collection. Here is just one of the things I made with it:

Anyway... Sandi took a while off from fabric designing (5ish years) and she is back with Strawberry Moon a few of the prints are the same as the original Meadowsweet and the all time favorite of everyone Henna Garden has been resized slightly smaller and reprinted in 8 colors. I thought the size change might bother me because I loved the original so much but it doesn't at all. I love it!!! Here are all of the colors:

I pinned a jillion Meadowsweet projects on my pinterest here if you want to see what you can make with this collection, scroll down until you see the lady in the dress with the yellow sweater. Everything from the wall pocket to the left of her and down for about a page and a half are all Meadowsweet projects that would be gorgeous out of this collection.

Add your link below for the Pixie Summer Home QAL we can't wait to see what you are making.

4 comments on "Pixie Summer Home QAL Sashing Edition and Linky Party"
  1. I really need to make that house quilt -- love it! I wish I were 1/100th as productive as you are! :)

  2. The quilt and the fabric used is so sweet!!

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