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Monday, February 13, 2017
Hey Everyone,

Tomorrow is heart day... and for once in my life I was on time sending out the messages that I wanted to send. I urge you if you have a friend or loved one that is going to be alone tomorrow to make an effort to reach out to them. It seems like a silly holiday until you are the one spending it alone.

Here is the Zakka project of the month for this month... kind of in love these little coasters. I am not gonna lie... I didn't have any batting scraps at home to finish them so these are just the tops.

I was on campus to pick up my daughter from school and look at this gorgeous building that she has classes in... the lights go through all the shades of the rainbow, and of course it was raining.

Speaking of rain... I know we needed it but can we be done now? The great thing is that this is the view out of my window:

It has been a long time since we have seen that much green around here.

How are you coming on your Scrappy Stash Buster Project? I got my honey to do his Honey Do and now I have some shelves repurposed from the shop in my craft room (aka living room)

I am filling them up :)

I also wanted to mention that I am doing Quilt-Non again this year. If you would like to host, think up a fun game, or giveaway a prize let me know. If you want to just have a fun weekend of camaraderie on Instagram that is fine too... don't forget it is happening :)

Talk soon!
3 comments on "Making Progress!"
  1. I like the Quilt-Non idea. I'm laughing. As much as I love the fabric world of quilting, my job doesn't permit the work in a quilt conference. Quilting is my fun right now, one day retirement will come and these fun activities/conferences and gatherings may be possible! Thanks for making us all feel included!

  2. I would show you a picture of my scraps but then I would have to go into hiding forever from shame. I must must must begin to address that little issue soon (but not, of course, today. :) Look at all that green!! I am envious, it is still brown and snowy and dreary here for the most part. And you are absolutely right, the only time I even notice heart day is when I am alone so, as you say, it's a good time to support one another.

  3. I absolutely love those little coasters! Are they embroidered? And if so, where can I get the patterns? I'd love to make some for my daughters.


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