Flying Free is here

Tuesday, June 5, 2012
I love this collection. The birds, the butterflies the trees.... especially the Dandelions...

Youc an find it here.
9 comments on "Flying Free is here"
  1. drool! so sweet. Hey if you EVER want to have a giveaway on my blog one day, I'd be happy to "host" it. :-)

  2. This one just sparkles! I really like the colors here...I think I need to help you clear out that hallway! :) (Smacks hand on mouse) No, I'd better stick to my diet. My fabric diet, that is. And it's no fun at all!

  3. very cute! I'm loving all the corals lately...

  4. Beautiful bunch. I love the dandelions on the fabric.

  5. Love it!!!! I think the dandelions are my favorite =D

  6. First time I've ever seen a dandelion I liked! I don't mind 'em in my salad, but I have a thing against 'em in my lawn! But they're lovely in that fabric!

  7. you're right this is great fabric, lovely color mix


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