Playing again... and some new stuff in the shop

Tuesday, June 12, 2012
Hi Everyone,

After getting all of my orders wrapped up for shipping yesterday I finally put together a bundle I have been wanting to do for a while. I kept seeing all of these new pink and burgundy fabrics coming in and thought wouldn't they be so pretty all put together.

So I finally took a half an hour to get just the right combo and came up with this:

(you can find this in the Fat Quarter and Half Yard sections of the shop here)

I bet you know what I am going to call it... Wine and Roses :)

The first box of Dear Stella fabrics came yesterday with the Campgrounds fabric and the Shower fabric and the dots.... I put together some supporting fabrics to go with the two single prints and took a picture of the dots all together:

There are all different colors in the Campgrounds fabric but I decided to skip the lavender and pink and concentrate on the yellow, blue, and green... like the sunshine, water and greenery that you see at most campgrounds. You can find these here.
I found a solid in the shop that matched the showers perfectly called Mist... it is a Moda Bella and I selected and rejected a ton of pinks and blues but these are the ones I finally settled on. I think it would be fun to pick the showers and one other fabric (for lining) and use them to make a host of travel bags like make up bags, jewelry bags etc... You can find these here.

And here are the dots which I think will make some really great blenders. You can find these here.

Today Bukhara and It's a Shore Thing are going to be here. I have to say a word about the fabric. It is very nice quality. I am really happy with the hand. It is soft and a very nice weight. Since this was my first order to arrive from Dear Stella I didn't know for sure what to expect but I am very happy with it. :)
14 comments on "Playing again... and some new stuff in the shop"
  1. Ya for new fabric, I bet you are going to have to expand into a new space soon :) How exciting!!

  2. Okay Julie, I'm melting here! Gorgeous fabrics, I'd like one of each please :)))

  3. I love the new bundles!!!!!! especially the pink =D
    I can't wait to hear more about the possible new space!!!!!!!

  4. Love, love Wine and make such gorgeous bundles!

  5. I love that pink bundle! I find that's one of the colors somewhat lacking in my stash which is weird because in the beginning it's all I had!

    Speaking of pink (kinda) Are you going to be getting Tula Pink's new collection in July??

  6. Yummies fabrics and all that pinks together,catch my eyes.

  7. You have a wonderful flare for color! Love those bundles!

  8. Love that campground fabric line! Nice group of colors!

  9. I love your custom bundles! It makes life so much easier when trying to plan a project!

  10. I can see how you have to consider renting out space soon! WOW!

  11. you are so good at making bundle... everyone of them make me wish to have it and find just the right projects to fit!


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