Happy Monday!

Monday, October 15, 2012
Hi Everyone,

Today is the day. I have three options for shop space (the first one didn't work out) and today I am making a decision. I can't wait to get some sleep :) So possibly a month from now we will be in a space that you all can visit and pet the fabric :)

The Newsletter is due today. I will do my best to finish it up and send it out but it might be one day late. There is just so much going on and Mondays are always crazy here anyway. I am putting in a mini tutorial on how I made Ruth's pillow:

Wheel of Fortune

I saw this quilt on Lyn Brown's Blog this morning and I want to make it out of Frippery... it would be so perfect. It would be a fun quilt along quilt too because the block is so simple. She has a free pattern on her blog for it. So get it while you can she only leaves them up so long.

What do you think? Would you buy a kit for this out of Frippery?

I think it would look good in either the warm or the cool tones...

Anyway... gotta run. Hope you all have a super Monday!

Talk soon!
15 comments on "Happy Monday!"
  1. I wouldnt but would buy a diff bundle, I would like to see purple tones.. more earthy..

  2. I can't wait to see your shop!

  3. I went to Lyn's web blog & saw her instructions for the 48 Carat Quilt. I think the fabrics you picked out are great!

  4. I love that pillow! So, you'll have a tutorial for it in your newsletter???

  5. Well I already did make one of those pillows after seeing yours, did not turn out anywhere near as beautifully, but you have a fan!

  6. I am so excited for you! You know I will be heading down your way as soon as I get to CA!

  7. love the design on the pillow. It reminds me of an angel on a stained glass window! Hope your day is smooth as silk and you get the perfect shop spot. Remember how important the bathroom is to little old quilting ladies like me and don't forget our elder sisters of the cloth--some may need easy access.

  8. Very excited for your shop to open! Can't wait to have a great brick and mortar shop close by with all the fabrics I want to see in person!

  9. Can't wait to see your shop, I'll have to see it on your blog for a while, road trip next year...Portland in may?

  10. Congrats on the shop space Julie!!!!! I hope you'll share lots of pictures with us online =D

  11. would love that quilt in the line you showed.. i am "a kit kinda gal"so always prefer to buy kits over just fabric,..as i always love the fabric i buy just on its own, but then wonder how to mix n match it to other fabrics.. cant use all my large bits just for table cloths, now can i!! Hope you shop has lots of samples to inspire and the kits to go with them.. kits of small project. like a skirt to make with left over fabric from a quilt, with same fabaric line?? or matching bag. How wonderful to make the step to have a shop of your own.. mine was always going to be a cake shop called "Berried Treasures" but now i think it sounds too much like a junk shop!! C ongrats on the shop setup. looking forward to hearing and seeing photos of your next endevour

  12. Hi, I'm looking forward to seeing the tutorial for the pillow. I checked your tutorial page and do not see it yet. Any idea when it will show up?

    thanks for the great ideas.



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