All Moda Fabrics are marked down 20% or more

Saturday, October 19, 2013
Hi Everyone!

I am sorry I have been so quiet this week. I am getting all of my errands run before I leave for Market next week. I have to make some shelf room because goodness knows we can't squeeze anymore on the shelves right now. So we marked all of Moda down at least 20% off our regular prices... did you know that our normal prices on regular quilting cotton are already always 15% off retail? You can also take an extra 15% off with this coupon code SHAKEUP15 which is good for everything in the shop.

Sale goes through Sunday 10/20/13

Moda is here
1 comment on "All Moda Fabrics are marked down 20% or more"
  1. I missed a sale? What was I thinking working on a quilt all weekend without taking a break to cruise through the blogs!


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