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Thursday, October 3, 2013
... if you have ever bought anything from me you have received a note that you could barely read because my handwriting is the worst!!! Ever!! Seriously when we had handwriting in school the Teacher would give me a C just because she knew I was trying so hard. I should have failed :) Anyway, an adorable young lady that frequents my shop has these wonderful digitized calligraphy notes that you can download from her etsy shop...

Find them here

These would be great for printing on to fabric and using for labels. By the way... she also makes the sweetest quilts... wish she had some in her shop to show you... Hey Tara, put some quilts in your shop :)
12 comments on "Just wanted to share..."
  1. My last note was very legible. What a great idea, I need some pretty labels.

  2. One of my most favorite things about ordering from you is your handwritten notes! I never saw bad handwriting, just incredibly thoughtful and caring customer service!!

    The labels are a really great idea for giving handmade gifts!

  3. I didn't think your handwriting was so bad and I think it is incredibly thoughtful to include the handwritten note. Very pretty labels.

  4. I never had a problem reading your notes and I LOVE them.

    but these lables are wonderful.

  5. I did not have a problem reading your writing. I can sympathize with you as my handwriting is not always readable. I have gone to the grocery store with a list and then couldn't read some of the things on it. I have learned calligraphy but it did not help my regular handwriting at all.

  6. I always like reading your notes and never once thought you had terrible handwriting!

  7. Haha okay I'll be the one to say it, I agree with you! Love the notes too, but have many times thought to myself, "surely not!" We can't win at everything! ;-)

  8. So funny you mention this - I just rec'd my latest batch of fabrics from you today - love them! And I happened to mention to the A/C repairman who was here today that his handwriting was really nice. Of course, he thought I was a little nuts... Thanks so much - I love buying from your shop!

  9. I just love those notes, including the one I got yesterday!
    I was born left handed and the teachers in Catholic school made me write, right handed so my hand writing has always been awful. I have no trouble at all reading yours.

  10. Visited Tara and she is going to do a special Arizona skyline for the hubs (it's a secret present--don't tell). Thanks!

  11. I empathize with you. My handwriting has been described as that of a serial killer-doctor. Some days I can't read it. Thus I print a lot.
    Great idea for using these fonts.

  12. Stop it!! You're handwriting is just fine! Silly.
    Funny you brought it up bc I was just thinking the same about my handwriting the other day, and lots of my friends love it and I think it's so sloppy. Whatchagonnado?


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