Friday, January 24, 2014

Gypsy Wife Information

Hi Everyone,

If you signed up for the Gypsy Wife Block of the Month. You should have received 2 emails yesterday. If you didn't then they either went to your spam folder or we have an incorrect address for you. If you signed up and didn't get 2 emails from me yesterday please email me so we can get all of the information out to you. To whet your appetite here is what the first block in each colorway looks like:

The books came in yesterday... they only took a little over a week. I was so surprised. We luckily had just finished cutting the fabric on Wednesday for the first month. So we are ready to get started. We still have a few extra books and it isn't too late to join. You can do that here if the option you want says it is sold out just let me know by email. I split them up so we wouldn't over sell so I can move around the inventory if I need to.


  1. Thanks for a chance to win this wonderful fabric. I'd love to make something festive from it.

  2. So excited! I'll be stalking the mailman waiting!


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