Happy Monday

Monday, January 6, 2014
Hi Everyone,

I don't know why but it is always the first Monday of the year that I start to feel like the New Year has come. We can finally put the Holiday rush behind us and look forward to a bright shiny new adventure.

I am sure you have seen the trend the last few years of picking a word that you try to live out for the year. I did that year before last with the word Fearless. It worked too. Last year my word was Balance... that one not so much. I really let the shop take over my life and suck a lot of energy. Instead of running the shop I let it run me. This year it isn't a word it is a phrase (or two) for me:

Live What You Love: Instead of doing all the things that everyone tells me I should do with my business I am going to do what I want to do. In some cases this will mean scaling back and in some cases this will mean running forward. It should be a great big adventure this year. I hope you all will stay around to see how it goes.

I also have one more phrase "Create Joy"... this, to me, means create what I love, when I want to, not on anyone's time line but my own. I love to make lots of things not just quilts so I want to incorporate more of that in my everyday. Bring more things to the shop too. This also means charity to me. The shop was created to support charities that are near and dear to our hearts and we want to do more of that this year than ever before.

What is your word, phrase, or goal for the year?

Two bits of housekeeping:

1. The Gypsy Wife Block of the Month. If you want to sign up for the first shipment I need your reservation, you can do this buy purchasing the subscription through the shop here , no later than Monday the 12th.

2. The sale on the sale fabrics (extra 15% off already marked down) ends tonight at Midnight Eastern.


8 comments on "Happy Monday"
  1. For me, Sew Fit...regain my life of fitness, while finding a comfortable, sustainable niche for sewing :)

  2. My word of the year is actually a phrase -- I want to use up what I have and what I buy. I tend to see a bright shiny nail polish and buy it giving no thought to the other 10 bottles I have at home. Same for other cosmetic items and food items. I want to use them up before I buy others. Making charity items a priority is on my list also. Good luck this year!

  3. This year, my phrase is "Follow Through." I'm so good at starting things, not so good at finishing them. I opened a brick and mortar shop this year, and now following through on things is even that much more important for me.

  4. That sounds like a great set of phrases :o)

    I think I'm going for 'focussed' and 'unbalanced' this year. Focussed in getting myself moving towards a more crafty career, and unbalanced in trying out lots of new things

  5. I just signed up for the Gypsy Wife! I'm so excited. My word for the year is "curate." I want to be picky about the things and experiences I participate in - I want them to be worthy of my attention and not just shiny or distracting. I want the things I acquire to serve me or others and not just take up space. Anything that doesn't fit needs to move on to a new owner who will use and appreciate!

  6. Great post Julie. I've been trying to think of a word for over a week now, and all I can come up with is "sleep" and "tired"! I need the Summer school holidays to end before I can focus on anything else. x

  7. Not sure what I'm doing. Just going day to day.

  8. I'm glad that you found a phrase that works for you and what you want to accomplish this year. My word(s) for this year is Focus and Learn and I too hope that they will help me reach my goals.


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