As Advertised... a little Jungle Ave and Aurifil

Thursday, May 8, 2014
adds up to this....

You can kinda see the cute split neckline... if I get brave I might take a selfie so you can see how great it fits :) but... only maybe. Aurifil 4093 matches nicely. I am having fun with designing my own clothes. I patterned this and made it to fit my measurements and it is so nice to have something that fits and doesn't just kinda fit. Quilt Market here we come!
6 comments on "As Advertised... a little Jungle Ave and Aurifil"
  1. Adorable Julie! Looks cute!

  2. Have a GREAT trip Julie! You're making me want to make clothes (almost)!

  3. How nice to make something for yourself, that it fits is a BIG bonus!

  4. Hi!! Very pretty!!!! Have a safe and fun trip!!!!

  5. I love it. I am plus sized & short. This coming week I am going to work on making a top also. Like you, I want one that fits, comfortably.


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