Cotton + Steel Yes, me too....

Monday, May 26, 2014
Hi Everyone,

Well, I know you have already seen pictures everywhere of Cotton + Steel but here are a few more. I refolded my samples and took pictures for the website since we are taking pre-orders. I also took individual pictures of each of the fabrics but it is taking a while to edit them all, so those might be a few more days. Here is some eye candy for you... hopefully you aren't tired of it yet.

I hate to say it but I do have a favorite...

Moonlit by Rashida Coleman-Hale

Mustang by Melody Miller

Hatbox by Alexia Abegg

August by Sarah Watts

Homebody by Kimberly Kight

Basics by Cotton + Steel (this is only a picture of some of the basics... the neutrals and the blues are missing)

Sample Spree was crazy... we waited in line for 3 hours and were really close to the front but when they opened the doors they opened 3 sets and people flooded in. So now I know not to worry about waiting in line in Pittsburgh next time. My elbows weren't sharpened to a pointy enough point either so we missed out on the neutrals and blues even though I was the second person back at the table people kept cutting in front of me. If it weren't for Miss Brooke being so tall and having long arms we probably wouldn't have gotten any of these.
8 comments on "Cotton + Steel Yes, me too...."
  1. It is wonderful to see these close up! Love the picture you paint of Sample Spree :) Gorgeous fabrics! I love the little citron grid! (of all things!)

  2. Moonlit is so gorgeous!!! The basics look awesome too!

  3. Next time I suggest work as a pack and take whistles! Lol!

  4. They are beautiful! Julie, I think a little birdie should let them know that you are missing the others and maybe they would be so kind to send them to you. :)

    Look forward to their arrival!

  5. Looks like they all did great job with their lines. I love them all.

    WOW! quilt market sounds crazy. I don't think I can handle something like that. Thanks for sharing!

  6. That was quite the rugby scrum at Spree, wasn't it?! We were also near the front, but not far from the second doors they opened, so I went backwards to that. I also used the long arm approach at that table ;o)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Thanks for your comments about quilt market. For me - better than being there. Your pics are wonderful, but frankly I don't the the "big whop" on the "steel" women's fabric collections. I like a few individual prints, but see a lot of other collections I like much better.


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