Doing a little giveaway and I sewed

Thursday, March 12, 2015
Hey Everyone,

Be sure to get over to Happy Quilting and enter to win our giveaway. Here is the little bundle I curated it is half yards this time:

Melissa loves purple so I always try to pick something purple for her. I am in love with that Hot House Flowers print so I designed the bundle around it.

You know I hate pictures of me... this is no exception but.. since I sewed a t-shirt for myself I guess I have no choice :) This is a knit from Fantasia by Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness. It is advance yardage so the fabric is not available yet. We will have it in the shop when it does come out, though. I am lucky to be friends with her 'cause she is a sweetie!

I really like the pattern it is called the Flora Top I bought it on etsy and used my sloper to make it fit me better... I was lucky that this one was proportioned pretty much perfectly and I only made a minor modification. This is a great beginner pattern only 3 pieces including the neck facing... speaking of neck facing... normally I have a devil of a time trying to put one on a knit without it getting puckered... but look at this...

 I am so proud ... haha Let's hope I can do it again.

In honor of my new T-shirt :) All apparel fabric is 20% off through Monday the 16th
This includes knit, lawn, voile, double gauze, and assorted others.
Have a wonderful Thursday!
12 comments on "Doing a little giveaway and I sewed"
  1. The T-Shirt is so cute!! Love it ;)

  2. I really appreciate you sharing this pattern. You look great in your t-shirt! I think I might actually try to sew my first garment! Gasp! It's so exciting to think of having a t-shirt in Fabríc I love and that is long enough for my torso. I, too, have the same question, though. Would you please enlighten us as to what a "sloper" is. I just have no idea. Thank you!

  3. Your shirt looks great! LOVE to "see" you!

  4. Your shirt looks lovely on you.

  5. I love your tee! I've never tried using a pdf pattern, sounds impossible to me to make it life size -- obviously I grew up on paper patterns. AND I'm not much of a sewer . . . but I am tempted even so, because the shirt is THAT cute!

  6. Oh what a cute shirt! Great job and you look wonderful!

  7. Cute t-shirt! My goal for 2015 is to start garment sewing ... 1st quarter is almost done and I haven't even begun. I think this may be a good pattern to start with!

  8. Julie It's a cute shirt just like you:) Superb job on the neckline.
    I love the novice type patterns for teaching and the faces of the student when finished. This is perfect, thanks so much for sharing your sewing talent:)


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