Happy Monday!

Monday, April 13, 2015
Hi Everyone,

Black + White from Cotton + Steel came we still have a bit left after pre-orders. Lots of typewriters because I was smart and bought more of those :) So get it while you can.

This weekend was my first garment sewing class for Fashion You. It was so much fun and everyone left with a finished Flora Top. We customized them to everyone's preferences so no two are alike.... even though three of the four bought the same fabric to make them with (on separate days and times, and they didn't know each other).

They were all pretty proud that they sewed knits without a hitch and could wear them home. They must have liked it because they all bought more fabric to make more tops :)

Yesterday I got started on my Outlander Craft Swap in earnest... and you all know how much I love to paper piece.... NOT!

But I do like the way the Thistle came out... it will be pieced into a useful object LOL

Have a super Monday!

6 comments on "Happy Monday!"
  1. Love the thistle block, too. Can you share the pattern source?

  2. Ooooh, that top is super cute!! Hrm. Okay, maybe you have convinced me that I need to learn how to sew with knits.

    Your thistle is awesome! :D

  3. Omigosh! Those tops are super cute!!! And so is your little thistle :)

  4. The thistle block looks great! Can't wait to see the useful object!


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