I did a little sewing....

Monday, April 6, 2015
After working for 6 days straight I decided a needed a little break... This is what I am working on...

it uses the Quick Curve Ruler... is a Flowering Snowball with large and small snowballs. Gotta move around the blocks a little and sew the rows together but it is almost there.

I will be posting this as a tutorial on the blog int he next couple weeks so stay tuned.

And have an awesome Monday!
11 comments on "I did a little sewing...."
  1. Lovely! The colors are awesome and the pattern is so intriguing.

  2. Love it!!! Can't wait for pattern!

  3. love, love this!! you are so talented!! hugs!!

  4. So much fun! Glad you carved out some well deserved playtime for yourself.

  5. WOW!! Very striking quilt. Love it. Hugs

  6. This is so visually interesting to me. I can't wait to see how you put it together, it looks very complicated! B

  7. Julie, what is the dark blue -- grunge indigo? I am looking for that kind of fabric/color!


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