Who Remembers Fat Quarter Tuesday?

Monday, September 21, 2015
Remember we give you 5 bundles to choose from at an amazing price and you have to race to see who can get them first? It was really hard for us because we hate disappointing you guys. So I suspended it for a time to try to rework it... This time the bundles are still limited but there are more than one of each. So hopefully you will have a chance at the one you really want. It is 12 Fat Quarters for just $21... really, can you beat it? I think not. Here are the 5 bundles.
Tomorrow when I am ready... I will post the picture again with a number on each stack and a link to the listing to buy them. It will be so much fun! We will make this a regular feature again with new bundles each Tuesday.
10 comments on "Who Remembers Fat Quarter Tuesday?"
  1. I love them all! I am in the hospital and will probably miss it. :-/

  2. For anyone who might miss out, what is the fabric line? In case we want to buy at regular prices?

    1. Hi Michelle, They are curated bundles that I put together out of many different collections. If you do miss the one you want just email me and I will be happy to help you out.

  3. oh my...can't wait! I've got my eye one one already!!

  4. I do remember and I "won" several of those bundles!


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