Introducing My New Business Adventure...

Friday, June 29, 2018
Hi Everyone,

I did mean adventure :) A few years ago I started to fall in love with this lovely Romantic style of clothing. It was hard to find pieces that I thought were wearable for real people and also came in a size that would fit me. Most had to be purchased from overseas and shipping added $50 to $60 to premium priced clothes. So when I found reasonably priced real woman versions I got really excited and dreamed of bringing them to others like me. The clothes come in sizes XS to 2X.

Enter Jeanne D'Arc Living. You may have seen the magazine which I am also going to be selling (my first magazine order is on the way) it is full of beautiful European decor, food, and gardens. 

To start out I am going to sell the clothing like an ordering party (think Tupperware or Thirty-One). It only takes about a week and a half for the clothes to get to me once I place the order. So I will set an ordering period then make the order and we can all sit back and wait for our gorgeous stuff to arrive. I will be stocking some as well just pay attention to the title which will tell you if it is a pre-order or in stock.

They also have these cute recycled leather bags...

If you would like to know when I launch the clothing you can sign up for the newsletter here.

In the meantime... we got Gathered by Bonnie Christine yesterday...

I curated this sweet bunch of fabrics for you and you can find them here.

Have an amazing weekend!

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