What I have been up to lately... and a free pattern.

Saturday, April 27, 2019
Hi Everyone,

About a month ago I decided to start going live on Saturday afternoons on Facebook. It was scary and it still is but... Hey, scary can be fun :) Join me on most Saturdays at 1PM for a chat and some sort of teaching. I am calling it Saturday Stash Buster Club (who remembers Scrappy Stach Buster Club I did a few years ago?). Right now I am teaching how to make my Heartline Quilt:

This was hanging in my shop for years and people always asked for a pattern but I was so exhausted I never had time to do it. So silly really! So I made a pattern for it and I even added a bonus pattern with applique (that quilt isn't finished yet ) and I am offering it for free.

Here is the applique pattern that goes with it.

If you are already a subscriber to my newsletter this will be delivered to you on Monday morning.

So Click Here if you want the free pattern.

5 comments on "What I have been up to lately... and a free pattern."
  1. I love your designs but don't understand how to get your free patterns - when I click get the pattern it goes to a sign-up page but I already get your newsletter

    1. If you already subscribe to the newsletter you will get the pattern on Monday morning in the newsletter. :)

  2. I was going to say the same thing. Thank you for so generously sharing your great pattern! I will look forward to receiving it Monday!!

  3. Hi Julie, Somehow I missed this pattern when you sent it out, may I still get it?
    Thank you.

    1. Hey Barb, If I knew which Barb this was I could email it to you :) Just email me and I am happy to send it to you.


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