Art Gallery Elements and A Stitch In Color Jelly Rolls Arrive

Thursday, December 8, 2011
Hi Everyone,

I gotta say... these are the softest fabrics (escept Petal Pushers) anywhere... so soft and the colors are so gorgeous! I am in love! Nature Elements, Oval Elements, and Pure Elements from Art Gallery Fabrics

Yay! A Stitch in Color... I know one person that is gonna be happy to see these ... Huh D?

See ya tomorrow for Friday Fun Day... woot!
12 comments on "Art Gallery Elements and A Stitch In Color Jelly Rolls Arrive"
  1. They all look great but the greys and aquas of the top photo have stolen my heart!!

  2. You are killing me! Seriously, how will I ever be able to resist buying fabric when you keep getting all these wonderful fabrics in?

  3. love that gray and teal/aqua too! awesome awesome

  4. What is the name of that fabric line at the top, the turquoise gray and white set?? Thanks. I love those colors!

  5. I love Malka's fabric! but I'm not 'D'!!

  6. I love looking at the bright colors of fabric on your blog. It's amazing what you have at your store! I'm a follower now!

  7. Ooh the blues and grays are gorgeous.

  8. Just place my order for some of this fabric goodness!!

  9. Definitely need sunglasses for the MD!

  10. These colors are a treat for my Christmas saturated eyes. Since Thanksgiving, it seems that red and green are everywhere. I love the aqua and grey tones.


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