Guest Tutorialing and More New Fabric

Tuesday, December 20, 2011
Hi Everyone,

I am guest tuting over at Sally's Blog today. If you go over there you can see how to make this:

I called it "Better Than Mistletoe"  because flowers will get my hubby more kisses than mistetoe will :) The minute I saw Flora I thought Christmas... I know... weird LOL  I hope you like it. It is seriously an easy project.

So I am pretty wiped out with all of the new fabric coming literally every day for a week and a half... but I have to admit this might be my new love:

 I admit I am not normally an earth tone girl but this grey green is totally kick butt!

 Yum! Purple!
Impressions is so soft and sumptuous... love the new soft hand everything seems to have lately.

Domestic Bliss is even better than I expected the colors are so rich and fun! I love the retro modern feel of it :)

Have a lovely Tuesday!
13 comments on "Guest Tutorialing and More New Fabric"
  1. Ooooooh, Domestic Bliss in aqua is so fun! :)

  2. The PDF over at your tutorial doesn't seem to be working. I clicked on it, it went there, but nothing came up?

  3. I've been stalking Domestic Bliss for weeks now. I'm so happy it's here! I could cry!

  4. Domestic Bliss is so lovely. Thank you for sharing the pretty table topper. Happy Holidays and many thanks for the opportunity.

  5. Drooling on my keyboard---gorgeous fabrics!!

  6. love love love the tutorial!! And Ty's (my best friend, of course!) new line is sooooo yummmy scrumptious!!! And girl, I NEED that Domestic Bliss for Valentines projects!! Those fabrics (every colorway) are GORGEOUS!!!

    btw, I emailed heartsease with the tutorial!! Hope that helps!! Thanks again, Julie, for your hard work and inspiration over on my blog!! You are sooooo awesome, my bestie!!!

  7. Cute tutorial, and love the new stock!

  8. I'm going to have to stop looking at your photos, otherwise when I get my real Christmas presents I am going to be sooooooo disappointed!

  9. the new fabrics are absolutely wonderful.
    Cute runner.

  10. Oh, stop torturing me with all those new fabrics. :)
    Love your tablerunner. Off to see the tute.

  11. WOW! The stippling on the runner looks AMAZING! Heading over now the check out the tutorial. You are making it so hard to stick to my Christmas budget this year with all your yummy fabrics!

  12. I love this table runner. I left a comment on Sally's blog, too. But I wanted to tell you myself now much I adore it!


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