Something New and Extending The Sale

Wednesday, December 28, 2011
Hi Everyone,

We have something new in the shop... a quilt kit. Melissa From Happy Quilting posted a new project on Moda Bake Shop today called Flying in Squares

Here is her original:

But since Terrain has been sold out in most places for a little while :) She and I  decided to work on quilting it up with Power Pop. My friend Jennifer did some stunt quilting for me. Here is the Power Pop Version:

I hate the picture, it is way cuter than this... I know you all will feel sorry for me (not) when I say that it is a pain to get pictures in a place that is always sunny... if you take them in full sun they are washed out and if you take them in the shade they are dark... ugh...

So the kit is available in the shop Here.

I have also decided to extend the 20% off sale through today (I am nuts) so you have a little longer to get some great deals! Here is the code again HAPPYNY20

12 comments on "Something New and Extending The Sale"
  1. Wow! The quilt is gorgeous and it looks great in Power Pop!

  2. I know exactly what you mean about the pics. I think it looks great though. Very colorful and happy!

  3. TLove that quilt! So glad you extended the sale... in all the post-holiday craziness, I forgot to place my order. Thanks!

  4. Great quilt!
    Always sunny - pah, and boo to you!!

  5. Oh wow, love it in the power pop!

  6. I love it even better in the Power Pop! (Oh, my, I am such a Terrain lover...I can't believe I said that.)
    Heehee! Thanks for showing us - now I have to go hunt for money in the couch. And the car. And my budget. :)

  7. Adorable!!!

    Sunshine? What's sunshine? =P

  8. WoW!! Loving both quilts. Awesome!!

  9. How exciting. I just recieved my first sewing machine for christmas this year. The fabric would be a cool way to tell a childhood story through a neat little quilt. Thank you for your great giveaway. I follow you all the time. I think your fabric is just amazing. Its so bright and beautiful.

  10. Oh I know what you mean about the light! Too bright and hot where I am to get good photos at the moment without a lot more know-how than I have, whereas other side of the world people are struggling with darkness. Why didn't god think of quilt bloggers when he invented weather? ;)


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