Happy Monday and a Baby Bunting...

Monday, July 30, 2012
Hi Everyone.

I hope you had an awesome weekend. I had a busy one. I got up early on Saturday and went to Joann for a sale (yes, I shop there for other things besides fabric) I bought a big organizer for my jewelry makings and a rolling cart for my sewing machine. Since my little 10 lb travel machine died and I have to carry my 40 pounder around, I needed that. Then I came home and made a baby quilt for my sister in law (due in December). I passed that off to someone else to quilt so I would have more hours in my day to make baby clothes. This is the item that I finished in the time it would have taken to quilt the quilt:

A baby bunting with a matching hat. I mean the poor thing is going to be born in December in Canada she needs warm stuff. By the way this is the easiest pattern would even be great for beginners that are not afraid of zippers. Simplicity 5720

You see it is a bit of an emergency ... My husband booked a flight to Canada (where my in-laws are) for this Friday the 3rd. So I am sending all of the gifts with him so I don't have to pay $50 in shipping costs LOL. He will be taking a full size quilt for his Mom's birthday and the baby presents. So when I am finished working everyday this week I am going to be making baby stuff. I have tons of baby patterns that I ordered from Tie Dye Diva they are so stinking cute and if you buy three you get 25% off. I am not getting compensated for the edorsement I just think her stuff is too cute!

Tell me what you created this weekend... even if it was only dinner (I need new ideas for dinner).
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  1. So warm and beautiful! I have a similar pattern McCalls 6477 from 1970's I think. Thanks for sharing, you gave me the incentive I needed to make one for my great granddaughter once the quilting project slows down!

  2. I cut into Good Life and made a cute mug rug/wall hanging and the I finally cut into Bella and did a mug rug!
    Cute, cute baby stuff!!!

  3. I got a quilt done that has been bothering my for months now! I still need to get going on my other UFOs but I am hoping to get them done in the next week :) Who needs sleep anyways, right? :)
    Cute baby clothing by the way! Makes me want to have friends with kids so I could make something like it :)

  4. hehehe!!! That little baby outfit is too cute!!!
    I made a mini quilt this weekend for my hubby!!

  5. I sewed up a cloth diaper I was pattern testing for someone. :)

  6. I got lots of housework done, and very little sewing. Love that pink baby bunting!

  7. I made the Herbalicious Pork Chops from the latest Taste of Home magazine and the steak with green sauce from the same. Both were good!

  8. aww how cute! I should THINK about making baby girl stuff too, but I've gotten so much hand me down clothes that this girl will be set for at least 9months..... I have 3 weeks to go :-)
    I did work on SOME things, look at my blog....I also got some cute snowmen fabrics for a christmas tree skirt, that I can't wait to cut into.

  9. Aww, so cute, and way to plan ahead!

    This weekend I made a full toile of my own self drafted skirt, and spent yesterday with some lovely bloggy friends doing a little sewing and a lot of chatting, demonstrating and eating (I might not suggest brownie cake pops or cupcakes for dinner though ;o) )

  10. Adorable bunting! And I also love Tie Dye Diva's patterns.

    I'm working on a graduation quilt for granddaughter Erin who will graduate in May of 2013 - Yikes!!

  11. I had a very productive weekend. I made a Modern D9P (disappearing nine patch)quilt top using four fat quarters I won by posting to an online blog. Also, I shopped for fabrics to make a graduation quilt for my niece who will graduate from college in Spring 2013. For dinner last night, I made Chicken Florentine for the first time and it tasted so delicious.

  12. I made the best chicken and noodles over the week-end. I did sew a baby quilt using a jelly roll.

  13. I made a few of these sort of things for my babies, when I had them, and for friends babies as they came along! So cosy!

  14. That baby bunting is so adorable!!! And yes, she will definitely need warm clothes being born in Canada in winter. I worked on my first ever commissioned quilt and now my wrists hate me! Well they hated me before but now I am beginning to think we will never be on speaking terms again. I sent you a package today - thank you again!!!

  15. That is so stinking cute!! Love it! Lessee, what did I create? Well, I'm working on a sampler and a wallhanging, but neither one is finished! LOL

  16. So cute. That would be something for my baby granddaughter.
    I've just finished knitting a pair of mittens for myselt.

  17. Love that baby bunting!! So cute!!! I almost finished my vacation quilt this weekend - all it needs are borders, and I'm waiting on fabric to arrive for that (since my hubby didn't like the fabric I had picked out!)

  18. Oh my goodness, your bunting and little hat are so adorable!!! I can't wait to see the baby quilt!

    I have a few projects on the go, a handstitched Modern Medallion Quilt from Rachel's Handstiched Class at a Stitch in Color, the Fat Quarterly Hexy quilt along and a Batik quilt I've been slowly working at. I am loving all of the handstitched projects though(hexagons and the Modern Medallion Quilt) it's so fun and relaxing while watching the kids play this summer!

  19. The winters here are freezing and I would love a Baby Bunting to fit a 5` 8'' frame...I`m doing a bit of EPP - all I can do in temps of 120F!

  20. That little bunting is too cute! I finished my Picture Perfect Polaroid blocks and sent them off in the mail - 90 to the swap and 50 to stay with me. As for food, I was also looking for new ideas - I roasted a pork shoulder and made green chili salsa using some peppers from my garden. Put some of the pork in the freezer and shredded some of it for quesadillas. See you Saturday!

  21. Very cute! We spent time going through boxes, unpacking from our move in October!


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