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Wednesday, July 18, 2012
Hi Everyone,

I hope you are having a super week... Look at what Design Seeds did today:

So pretty... but you knew I would love this right?

I was thinking about starting a monthly or quarterly club based on the Pantone Colors of the seasons and color of the year. They were perfectly right this year with the Tangerine don't you think? Would you guys like to see a monthly club or maybe a quarterly club with colors from the season represented in fabrics as stash builders? If not then what would you like to see for a monthly or quarterly club? I would love your suggestions.

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  1. Yes I'd sign up for one, but not charm packs. I'd love one with a central color theme or maybe different bloggers coulda pick the fabrics. Choosing fabric from different lines is tough, so it would be cool if well known and admired bloggers like Maureen could do the pick that month.

  2. I think a quarterly club with a mix of seasonally inspired prints and solids would be something I would be interested in. I like the idea of FQs so I have enough fabric to get creative.

  3. I love the idea of blogger bundles too, and a solids club. I really could use more solids. What about an ombre solids club, perhaps paired with the new ombre dots?

  4. I love the idea!
    I agree with them needing to be a usable piece of fabric, fat quarter at least, possibly half yards (or offer both options?)

  5. I like the idea of a quarterly club using fat quarters too.

  6. Like the idea of a club, but quarterly - and at least a FQ, anything smaller wouldn't be worth it.

  7. I have bought two of your "color" bundles - orange and pink. I wish you had more! I personally got a bit overwhelmed in the "getting ____ every month" club I was in earlier this year so I would prefer them just to be offered at your shop.

  8. Love the idea of a quarterly club. I'd be in foh-sho. :o)

  9. I would love to see a qtrly club.. You know I loved the tangerine. I love these blues too, but I think I got them all. Still dreaming of that King size quilt. When did you turn on your Google Robot?

  10. I agree with the previous commenters - quarterly would be best and at least FQ size. I love the idea of solids... I never seem to buy them but always seem to want/need them for a project!

  11. I think this is a great idea. I like the quarterly idea and having a fat quarter. I've never been a charm pack fan much. And I think a mix of prints and solids would be nice. I love having coordinating solids, but I'm not a fan too much of just solids. Maybe something seasonal-ish? Like Winter colors and prints that match, spring colors and prints.. so on and so forth. Or you could do a theme too (totally thinking of all the nautical fabrics that have come out this summer). Anyway, can't wait to see what you come up with!

  12. I love the idea, quarterly would be awesome! Maybe it would even help me get better with color...I'm in!

  13. There are already a few places to get blogger bundles but I really love the idea of the colors, design seeds does such a fabulous job on picking their colors it would be awesome to have fat quarters of theirs.

  14. I agree with Kate! Design Seeds offers the most beautiful color picks and it would be great to have fQ bundles based on their suggestions.

  15. Well I personally dislike most of the Pantone colors for this season, but I know they are much loved by a lot of others. ;)

    Of the ideas I see above I also would vote for fat quarter or half yard bundles - I like the idea of prints or print/solid combos. I like the idea of having some of the bloggers you sponsor put together bundles.

    If you were to do this idea quarterly and wanted to use design seeds, it might be fun if you gave us a choice of 4 or so pictures and let people vote for their favorite color combo then put together something based on that. I'm more likely to purchase fabric sight unseen if I know I'm going to be able to use the color combination. Monthly that would probably be way too much work for you.

  16. I in for a Quarterly Fat Quarter dealy. Easier then monthly. Too much stress on all of us to do the monthly thing. maybe you could choose some of those interested to do the bundle choosing? :P

  17. Yes, yes. What a great idea!!!!


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