Back by popular demand...

Thursday, November 15, 2012
I am declaring "I am awesome and so are you!" day. Yes, you got it. Another day to feel good about yourself. In case you have forgotten the rules of the day this is what you need to do...

1. Do not put yourself down today. Today you are the perfect shape, weight, and height. You are brilliant and graceful.

2. Everything that happens today was meant to be. Don't worry about that guy in the fast lane going 40 miles an hour (he is trying to save you from the rat race). The guy that stole your lunch from the refrigerator (you needed a fresh one anyway). Etc....

3. All of your friends are awesome too. Tell everyone you know and love how great they are and why. Don't be vague, tell them they have the most perfect fashion sense. You love the way they make you laugh. Tell them what a big heart they have and how proud you are of them. Be sincere they will feel good about themselves and make others feel good too.

Don't forget to pass it on.... I am awesome and so are all of you!

29 comments on "Back by popular demand..."
  1. I appreciate the way you always send a handwritten note with my order. I've never met you but I know i would love to spend time with you because someone who does such a small thoughtful thing like that is hugely awesome. Give yourself a hug for me today, will ya?
    ~Mistress Duff

  2. You are awesome and I love this day!!!

  3. blogger needs a like button like facebook. *like*

  4. Hi Julie Bug--
    This is so sweet. And, we should do this more often. Hope you are doing well and can't wait to see pictures of the shop. On a lighter note, will you be doing Notting Hill FQ in colorways? (and other new ones) Thanks! And, still would like a road trip down there...if not, see you in May!

  5. Everyday should be 'I am awesome and so are you!'

  6. Thank you...I really needed a pick me up today. (Dentist for the 3rd time and car not working). You reminded me that I'm lucky I'm getting seen before Thanksgiving and I have lovely friends who loan me their cars and give me rides. You, too, are awesome!

  7. Love this!
    I was thinking this morning that I haven't been very accepting of myself lately ~ this will help a lot today.
    Thank you!

  8. You ARE awesome & so am I!! Thanks for the reminder Julie. :D

  9. This is fabulous, and I love it!! I am definitely going to pass it on!

    Thanks for your awesomeness!

  10. Aww, thank you, you are both awesome and generous with all the giveaways you do and wee extras in your orders

  11. You ARE awesome Julie! You are always positive and enthusiastic here on the blog. I assume you are the same in person!

  12. Thanks Julie. Just what I needed today. Hugest hugs to you.

  13. You really are so awesome Julie! You have the best taste in fabric and are the kindest and most generous. :) Thanks for making my day a little better!

  14. You are most definitely awesome Julie!

  15. awww, what a great thing to read!

  16. Thanks. Today I needed to hear that. BTW. back at ya!

  17. Since I am just seeing this now, near the end of the day, I will be declaring You Are Awesome Day *tomorrow*! It seems like something that should not be done halfway. =) =)

  18. You are so cute. I love this. YOU are awesome!

  19. A bright light always draws in the best of life.

  20. GREAT IDEA!, Julie....thanks..Sondra


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