Monday, November 19, 2012
Hey Everyone,

I am so sorry. My husband came home tonight and asked me if I planned on giving something to everyone that commented because he said that I said that. I am so sorry if you thought that. I feel terrible. It was early in the morning and I guess I was not clear when I wrote it. I meant that I woud do a drawing for the goodies. I have a few things and I will even through in a few more of my own things so that a few people can win. My apologies if I mislead you in any way. You can keep commenting until Midnight PST US time then I will draw some names in the morning.

I apologize again.

39 comments on "Disclaimer"
  1. its ok Julie, you shouldnt write post after a few martini's.. we understand..

  2. I figured that was what you meant! No worries! I hope the shop setup is going well. :)

  3. I totally missed that. I assumed I was commenting for a drawing anyway....guess that means my reading comprehension was fail this morning. Heh.

  4. Don't worry about that...I had figured it was a giveaway like usual!

  5. Nothing to worry about, I thought it was the usual type of giveaway.

  6. Don't stress, I'm sure everyone will be ok.

  7. Of course! Don't feel bad about it! I assumed it was the normal kind of giveaway, not a free for all :)

  8. Wait, you're giving away martinis??? Count me in!

  9. I read it the way you meant it :)

  10. He's wrong. It says winner of the random draw will get something. We all totally get you. Trust me...until you don't draw my name, then he'll be right of course. LOL

  11. I think we all assumed it would be a drawing so don't worry all is good.

  12. Yup! Expected it to be a random draw, and nothing more!

  13. I didn't take it that way! Just thought of it as a regular giveaway! It's all good:)

  14. I thought it was a drawing too! You're so generous, so don't worry about it!!!

  15. Awe, I never imagined you were giving something to everyone! You give so many lovely things away...thank you for being so generous!

  16. No worries! We knew what you were saying :)

  17. It sounds like we all knew what you were trying to say. :-)

  18. I figured it was a draw, too. Don't stress about it!

    Happy thanksgiving.

  19. I think everyone read what you meant, not what you said!

  20. Of course you talked about a drawing :-)

  21. Hey Julie......I'm quoting you now,,,,I am declaring "I am awesome and so are you!" day just for you! Don't beat yourself up,,with all you're trying to do these days,,you're allowed a brain fart or two. Give yourself a big hug, take a deep breath,,,and carry on sweetie.

  22. He's incorrect. I hope he can laugh at himself.

  23. nope, definitely figured it was a drawing :) don't stress!

  24. Sticking up for your hubby, I can see how he thought that, but we know the deal. No one could expect that from you! Thanks for the chance to win!! You are most generous!!

  25. Completely assumed you weren't falling into the 'bankrupting yourself' trap!

  26. Totally didn't read it that way! Relax, get some sleep, we love you anyway!

  27. I read it the way your husband did, but you already had 50 comments when I added mine, so I assumed I had read wrong and it was a drawing :) Giving away that many prizes would be crazy! It's nice of you to do giveaways at all :)

    1. You used the words 'random drawing' more than once too, so I have no idea why I thought otherwise! I need to sleep more!

  28. That's ok, I read your post in the morning so I totally got what you meant, hehe. I understood that it was like a regular giveaway. You're good!

  29. ha ha...your statement was a little convoluted, but I didn't think you were sending to every comment.
    The big winner is YOU....your husband actually reads your blog! That is impressive.

  30. I think we all assumed you didn't mean you were giving a prize to everyone who commented, you'd have nothing left ;o)

  31. Just to let you know Julie, I read it as you would have a drawing and pick a winner. Hugs, it's all ok!

  32. i also read it as a draw... but maybe I just assumed :)

  33. good thing we know better! thanks for the giveaway chance!

  34. No worries. I knew what you meant.

  35. Totally clear - never thought you meant everyone would get something. :)


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