Red Cross Sandy Relief Raffle

Friday, November 2, 2012
Hi Everyone,

I am spreading the word about doing some good and possibly winning some prizes. Christie at The Fabric Shopper has organized a raffle with some amazing prizes and all you have to do to enter is give a $10 donation to Red Cross:

Head on over and check out the details. Here

There will be a regular Friday post as well with the fabric giveaway for the week. I just wanted to spread the word about this.
2 comments on "Red Cross Sandy Relief Raffle"
  1. Thanks for bringing this to the attention of everyone. Jennifer at Knktted Thread is collecting quilt blocks and I am working to collect for my local shelters. I never thought this could happen in my own home. Thank you for spreading the word for the relief.

  2. hello from Austraia.. i have tried to donate on line to redcross, but it is only set up for usa donations, as it wont accept my State, and Aussie phone no. even if itried to pay with Paypal. it says for oversease interest in donation to hurrican sandy, to contact our own REdcross in Austraia. so if i do this , can i still enter y our competion?? it may be a diff reference number?? Thanks.. Dionysia ""


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