Brick and Mortar Closed Thursday the 11th

Wednesday, December 10, 2014
Because in California, when it rains it snows. I know all of you mid-westerners are going to have a big laugh at us but... our area does have the potential for flooding and there are going to be hurricane strength gusts in this area. I decided that rather than put my employees in danger it would be best that we all stay home tomorrow.

Let's have a great big sew in (doors) and post all the fun lovely things we are making... tag me @intrepidthread and maybe we can have a little drawing afterwards for something fun.
7 comments on "Brick and Mortar Closed Thursday the 11th"
  1. Take care and stay dry! Weather can be so crazy at times.

    Sandy A

  2. I really appreciate your decision and want to praise you for your concern about your employees. Having worked for a company that was the exact opposite, I respect the place that puts people over profits. Thank you!
    Magistra13 at yahoo dot com

  3. Oh that does make me chuckle! I used to live in San Diego and remember my boyfriend always reminding me to be careful driving in the rain. I had moved there from Rhode Island so I was pretty used to inclement weather. But I was touched by his caring:). Stay dry, better safe than sorry!

  4. Safety first - you're the most thoughtful person I know. If we loose power there is always hand stitching by candlelight

  5. *Very* wise decision!... You are such considerate employers!
    (Even here in Michigan, where we are no strangers to rain, ice, and snow, it's especially dangerous when there is a change in the weather... People are not used to driving in the new conditions...)
    Take care, stay safe, and enjoy the sewing time!!!
    Pat T.

  6. I live in the South Bay and right now, we are being hit HARD. We just lost our fence in several areas, things are literally being ripped apart. It feels like a hurricane is coming through. Who knows how much more damage we will sustain before the end of the horrible storm. For those of you in the area, please be safe. I had a doctors appointment at Stanford that I've been waiting to see this specialist for a long time and just had to cancel because we can't get there due to the roads and flooding. oh well, we are safer at home... I think.. Gosh, this is horrible!

  7. Better to plan ahead and relax at home then worry and wonder! An extra day at home is such a gift at this time of year, isn't it? Hope all are safe and warm!


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