Postal horror and giveaways...

Monday, December 8, 2014
Hey Everyone,

If you are looking at blogs today I am certain that you already know that it is Sew Mama Sew's big Giveaway day. We are sponsoring a giveaway on our friend Jessica's blog, QuiltyHabit so head on over and give the wheel of luck a spin.

I have decided that all Black Friday shipping should not happen until at least a week after Black Friday. The postal service is a complete mess that first week of December. Last year I shipped a package to Texas (normally a two day shipping) on December 4th and it showed up on April 15th of this year. Yes, you read that right. This year as of this morning I have seen completely squashed boxes in plastic bags:

And gotten two emails from people in France that say their packages (according to tracking) are in Canada. None of the other packages I shipped internationally say they have passed US customs yet so I am fairly certain this is a tracking mistake but still.... and I checked the addresses were right so it wasn't my error for certain.

I am sorry for being so quiet the last couple weeks but we have had our noses to the grindstone... Myra, I am so sorry for not having any dancing Cabana Boys for you in this post.

 Lotta Jansdotter's latest Follie is here. I promise pretty pictures later today.

Talk soon!
13 comments on "Postal horror and giveaways..."
  1. I shipped a package to Canada and it was held up in Miami Fla (I live in North Georgia) for over a month. It finally arrived just before 90 days were up! The next package got to canada in 8 days! Go figure! Sorry you are having problems with your shipping. hugs xo jan

  2. We moved to Alaska this year and I decided that all the Christmas boxes (being sent to the MidWest) MUST go out Priority Mail. No question about it. And if they don't get there in time, when Priority Mail is supposed to be 3-days, well, I will be very not happy.

  3. There are clearly problems all over the world! These postal companies need to hire more workers and give a good wage! My poor postie has to struggle with so many parcels on their route and they are covering much bigger areas than they used to. I'm sure your customers realise it's not your fault :)

  4. So sorry.There are problems all over the world in this season !

  5. What? No dancing cabana boys? Gee,that's the last time I'll read your blog! (No no no, I'm just kidding! Sorry for yiur mail woes!)

  6. Ugh. That is so not ok! April? Lol. Thanks again for partnering up with me today!

  7. Jan at Sew and Sow Farms says HI.

  8. I've been pretty lucky with the packages I've mailed, but a few have gone astray. I once got a package that looked like it was sent through a shredder. Amazingly, nothing was damaged inside.

  9. I sent a baby quilt to NYC, so my BIL could take it back to Brazil. He was only going to be in the country 5 days, so I went to the post office and asked the clerk specifically when the package would arrive at his hotel. He told me priority shipping would have it there in 3 days. But it took 17 to arrive, long after my BIL had returned to Brazil.

    The next hurdle was to get the package sent back to Virginia. The hotel people were wonderful!!! I had two calls from them before they received the box and sent it home. But it went from NYC to Washington DC, to Greensboro, NC, and to Charlotte NC before it came home to Richmond. It made a 6 week tour of the east coast. Glad it made it back here at last!

  10. Aww sorry to hear that ! Since I live close to the border, I had mine shipped there and it arrived in just a few days !

    I ordered something recently though that is from NY (I'm in Quebec so just a few hours up north) and it went to TEXAS. Gheez.

    Once, I had a package go all the way to New Zealand before finally coming back here !! It must cost so much money to make these packaged travel so much for nothing.

  11. Shipped a Priority Mail box to my son in Iowa. I'm in Texas. It bounced around locally until Monday. It then arrived in Des Moines. That means another day or so before it gets to Davenport. So much for expected delivery date of December 2nd. I'm going to the post office to complain today.

  12. I mailed something priority (live mealworms for my mom's chickens) on Monday after Black Friday and it took 8 days to arrive in virginia from maryland. My mom said they were still alive but what a disappointment. Hope things go more smoothly for you!

  13. Things that make you go eek! It's the IG Mini Swap mailing window right now, and I thought mine had gone round the world okay, only to find that the card my recipient had received about a missed delivery was for something else entirely, so who knows where it actually is! Tracking costs us an extra £5 at least for international mail here, so I tend not to pay for it, it's probably better for my blood pressure that I don't, I saw one parcel had gone to Puerto Rico rather than Portland the other day...


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