I sewed....

Thursday, January 8, 2015
I spent a little time yesterday sewing... I fell in love with the Tula Pink ribbon and how it looked with the Camo Deluxe print from Moonshine so I had to find something to make with it... I added in a little Shot Cotton and made this cute Open Wide Pouch ... Fun! Whattya been makin'?

12 comments on "I sewed...."
  1. So very pretty! And a perfectly coordinated zipper pull, to boot!

  2. I am realy like these little pouches. I need to pull out some fabric and get started on my 2015 projects.

  3. I made two pouches this weekend! Those things are addicting!

  4. How cute is that! Very cute indeed. Good job.

  5. Adorable!! Great fabric, too.

    I've been making quilts for nearly 30 years and am almost ashamed to say that I've never made one for my husband. ;( I could never find the "perfect" fabric. I know, sad excuse but it is what it is. lol I accidently ran into the "perfect" fabric and decided it was time to do the right thing. I'm on the downhill side now with just the binding to do. Yay!!

  6. This is so pretty! I have some AMH ribbon and this looks like the perfect use. Do you have to fold the edges under?

  7. Oooh, so pretty, love the ribbon!

  8. Love your color/fabric combo
    Too cute
    Thanks for sharing


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