Two More Sleeps Until Quilt Market

Wednesday, October 21, 2015
Why is that so exciting? Well, besides the obvious, FABRIC! It is exciting to see my friends. Really, this is the only time I get to see all my friends from across the country.

Something pretty showed up at the shop...

Alison Glass Cotton Jersey Knits they are perfect for making her reverse applique quilts with (yes, jersey for quilts) and they are also perfect for trying your hand at Alabama Chanin style sewing. Here are some of Alison's pretty pictures (since I haven't had a chance to get any with the crazy going on over here). PS. Kate Spain's Canyon comes today and so does Abacus at least I think that is what is in those boxes :)

Here is the reverse applique circle quilt:

4 comments on "Two More Sleeps Until Quilt Market"
  1. The jersey quilt is interesting

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  3. The fabrics are very beautiful and attractive, but the quilt is not good. It looks like a rain coat.

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