Fantastic Fabric Friday... Can you Cha Cha?

Thursday, October 29, 2015
Maybe you can shuffle instead :)

First of all let me mention Abacus is in:

Photo Courtesy of Ms. Glass
Pre-orders will ship tomorrow.

We are starting this amazing new program just a little something to spice up your weeks through the Holidays. Something that doesn't induce guilt but that is just for you. A little alone time during the bustle.

We will conducting our own version of the Sampler Block Shuffle. It is a program developed by Moda in which we publish 3 free patterns for quilt blocks each week. Yes, I said free. The patterns are free all you have to do is come to the website every Friday morning and download them. Each set of three will only be available for one week. The next Friday they will be removed and the next three will be displayed. Here is a layout of the quilt. The white squares are where the blocks are placed. The quilt measures 60"by 68".

 The rest of the story:

We are going to use a combination of Canyon by Kate Spain, Simply Colorful 2 by V & Co., and modern low volume prints like (but not limited to) Abacus, Modern Background Paper, and Drawn . So it should be bright and beautiful. Moda says 2 layer cakes and a bit extra should make the blocks so just as there is with layer cakes there will be some duplicates of prints but I think that will make it nice and cohesive.

If you want to see some beautiful Canyon mini's check out this link (click the pictures to enlarge)

1. Get your block patterns on Friday morning on the website or in the store anytime during the week.
2. Monday we will post a picture of our three blocks and offer a kit if you desire to purchase there is not an ongoing obligation you can choose to buy the weeks you want and skip the weeks you don't. Or make the whole thing out of your scraps, we don't judge. For you over achievers, you know who you are, you can choose to make your flying geese at the same time so they are all finished when you are ready to put your quilt together. You will need 6 flying geese per block each week or 18 per week.
3. We will offer a finishing kit reservation. These will be very limited.

Why Not?
I know we are all busy during the holidays and not everyone wants to start a wip right away but why not collect the patterns and a few fat 16ths for a friend as a Christmas present (we finish with the blocks first week of January but it could be the gift that keeps on giving for a week or so) or for yourself as a reward for making it through the Holidays without choking anyone. (You are not going to choke anyone are you?) At the very least come on over to the blog with your coffee on Monday mornings and check out Joanie's progress. Joanie is one of my assistants at the shop and she has graciously agreed to make our blocks for this... since I am still making all of the blocks for the BOM :) Maybe I will make the Flying Geese... or maybe I will just get my coffee and watch too :)

Are you ready? Click here for the first set of blocks

19 comments on "Fantastic Fabric Friday... Can you Cha Cha?"
  1. Thanks for offering these lovely patterns! I look forward to seeing your blocks and to giving them a try -- but probably not right away.

  2. Did you say what size those flying geese are? It looks like an interesting quilt layout and the fabrics you're using are going to be wonderful today (as always–you are so good at that.)

    1. Hi Sophie, They are 1 1/2" by 3" finished or 2" by 3 1/2" unfinished there is a pattern for them on the download page as well.

  3. I seem to be missing where it tells me how many of each block? Or is it dealers choice? Lol
    Thx for this, fun!!

    1. Hi Becki, You are no repy or I would have answered you directly. It is just one of each of the sampler blocks. You will need 176 geese total. The rest of the squares are made up of solid pieces of fabric.

  4. I seem to be missing where it tells me how many of each block? Or is it dealers choice? Lol
    Thx for this, fun!!

  5. I love this idea. Before long you have an entire quilt ready to go!

  6. lovely, lovely idea!!

    so, so good hanging with you last weekend!

  7. Looking forward to collecting them all!

  8. Great design.Looking forward to see your blocks.Happy sewing and thanks for sharing!

  9. Great design.Looking forward to see your blocks.Happy sewing and thanks for sharing!

  10. Oh, I was hoping you were offering a fabric bundle for this. Darn, oh well. I think I will save these for later.

  11. This is a fun idea. I don't have the time to start it myself but will be collecting the patterns to hopefully make it soon.

  12. This looks great Julie and those Canyon mini's are just too cute.

    I read things more than once before bugging you with any questions, and found answers to all but one of my questions. That one won't be found anywhere, so I have to bug you afterall.

    On the download page is a download for the "Finishing Pattern" and on the last page of that PDF is a template for a side Triangle. I don't see a test size box to measure so we can be assured that has printed at the correct size. Is it possible to get that added to that last page so we can be sure it has printed to the correct size? It wouldn't be much fun to use that and then later find it didn't print correctly.

  13. I love the colors! Do you need 1 layer cake each of Canyon and Simply Colorful 2? Are Abacus, Modern Background Paper and Drawn used for the background?

    1. HI Karen,

      You are no reply so I couldn't email you back. I am using mostly Canyon with a bit of Simply Colorful and some of the colored prints from Drawn. Then Abacus, Modern Background, and Drawn for the backgrounds. Some of the Canyon prints are light enough to be used as backgrounds too. If you look at the sample blocks we made on the website you can see. I am cutting the kits not using layer cakes. There will be a few prints that we use more than once since we will be sending about 70 fat 16ths and Canyon only has 35 prints...

  14. Thanks! I'm excited to see more of the blocks!

  15. Just picked up the kits. Love the patterns and material. Thanks Julie!


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