Happy Monday and Happy New Year

Monday, January 2, 2017
Hey Everyone,

I am so excited about this week and so excited about the possibilities of this New Year. I can't wait to dive into all the things that I have been putting off until after the surgery (and recovery).

I am going to streamline my life and declutter not only my home and my shop but my way of doing things. I have discovered a new resource (I am not a paid spokesperson) in Powersheets and the creator Lara Casey  she has so many resources for working in small steps to reach your goals. It is quite different from any other goal setting I have ever done. I suggest you check her out if you have any goals that you want to work towards yourself. You don't need to buy anything she has a series for free on her blog.
This is my Powersheets book and my little extra notebook I keep with it.

I took Saturday to spend working on the goal setting in the book. I still have a bit to do but I started with my small steps yesterday, slowly working toward those goals that really matter.

Have you picked your one little word of the year? Here is mine:

Yep, Sacrifice... I know it is a weird one. But let me explain a little... because I don't think I can articulate it fully... I want to Sacrifice all of the things that make me busy (but not productive) and all of the things that I have (that I don't need), for the things that are important. I want to spend more time with my family, spend more time with God, instead of doing lots of things in my tiny bits of time I want to do a few things in the more time I am making.

Just a couple shop keeping things... I re-stocked Wildabon Pre-orders so if you missed out on the first round there are a few left

If you plan on signing up for the Urbanologie BOM please do so before the 5th that will be the cut off so that I can get all the supplies ordered before shipping day on the 23rd.

Talk to you in a few days :)
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  1. This sounds lovely. I love the way you articulate your feelings about right now.


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