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Tuesday, January 24, 2017
Hi Everyone,

You probably noticed that Friedlander arrived :) We have a couple Wildabon kits left if you need one. I also decided to make a few new custom bundles. The first one I am tongue in cheek calling "Kelly's Jam" because of a comment on Instagram... :)

But I also wanted to show you this...

I know, out of the blue, right? Well, for those that have been around here a while you know that I lament my lack of drawing and lettering skills... I mean my whole life I have wanted to learn to letter... okay admittedly this is not perfect but it is so huge for me... I learned it on Creativebug... I shared about Creativebug (that is an affiliate link)a while back and I finally had a few minutes a week or two ago to do a class (for the first time in quite a while) so I did the lettering portion of Pam Garrison's doodling class.

Anyway... I hope you all got the new Scrappy Stash Buster Newsletter. I am going to fall over now that I finally have all of the BOM stuff shipped and all of the Friedlander Pre-orders out.

See ya soon :)
5 comments on "Stuff ... and more stuff :)"
  1. it is wonderful what you created.

  2. I took much delight in my BOM package today. It was hanging on my mailbox when I got home. I had enough will power to make a cup of coffee and then opened it up. This is going to be a great year!

  3. Thank you for the Scrappy Stash Buster club! You've given me the kick in the pants I needed to conquer the WIP's. Some I have finished, some I have tossed, some I have finally admitted are just cra...not very good aren't worth my time and the fabric has been returned to the stash. I'm really enjoying the printables. My beloved machine has to go in for her annual cleaning so it will be the perfect time to sort all the cra...gorgeous stuff in my stash and use the Future Project sheets.


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