TokyoMilk and a Giveaway

Friday, January 20, 2017
Hey Everyone,

Have you heard of TokyoMilk? If you have been to Sephora you might have. They are a company specializing in high end beauty products. The lady behind the brand is named Margot Elena and she designed a gorgeous new collection for Freespirit called Neptune and the Mermaid. We picked up the collection that is coming in May and I am so excited about it. Here have a look at the beautiful prints in this lookbook
 I am sure that you have noticed that things are changing over here. The truth is my kids are off to college and are no longer able to help me with the shop as they have done since my surgery. Erin might help with wrapping and things sometimes still :) But since my surgery I am no longer able to work 10-12 hrs a day. My sternum will never be as strong as it once was and carrying and cutting bolts of fabric all day just hurts too bad. I know what you are all thinking... "Oh no she is quitting!" But no... that is why I led with that gorgeous new collection we ordered. I am not quitting but I won't carry every single modern collection. I will carry just one or two of the very best each month.We will also still offer great basics like Kona, Essex Linen, Art Gallery Solids etc... I am so excited to get back to curating beautiful unique bundles with the gorgeous fabrics that we have.

These are the new Essex Yarn Dyed Linen that came this week... from left to right Berry, Seafoam, Copper Metallic, Dusty Rose Metallic, Water Metallic, and Pickle (my personal favorite). They are available here.
I also made a bundle with a few of the others that we have in stock that can also be found in the link above.
Also Friedlander is in.

I had to slow down on fabric coming in while I was recovering from surgery, and I discovered that the slower pace has helped me to focus on just what I adore the most. It turns out that I love the slow pace even more! I don't have to forgo working with the fabrics that inspire me. Instead I can spend time with them because the next great thing hasn't come in right on it's heels. I think this is part of why I thought of the Scrappy Stash Buster Club... getting rid of some clutter so that I can focus on the things I truly love.

The giveaway is over on Maureen's blog and on her Instagram, a $20 gift certificate for each. So head on over there to win :)

You will see me again soon.

6 comments on "TokyoMilk and a Giveaway"
  1. Gah. Those octopi are fabulous! Take care of yourself! (There's only one of you and a LOT more fabric.)

  2. Thanks for sponsoring the giveaway. I entered at Maureen's blog

  3. Glad you are on the mend from surgery. For fabric, I always think quality not quantity, and your shop always fulfills my fabric needs. Thanks for your blog information and your shop. #1 on my go to list. Donna Weeks aka Momma Llama

  4. TokyoMilk looks amazing-prayers on your recovery-sometimes life will slow us down for a reason! Thank you, Susan

  5. Sounds like you are feeling better. I've slowed down myself just because and like it too.

  6. Hi, Julie! I'm so glad to hear that you have found your happy place even through the roughest of days during your recovery. I, too, have found that slower sometimes equals better and can certainly be more fulfilling! Love the new lines that you have coming in! Keep up the great work!!


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