In love with hearts...

Friday, March 1, 2013
I have to admit that, until recently, I have never been all that enamored of hearts as a motif on a quilt. I had a lovely customer in this week that had made a super neat little heart quilt and it got me thinking about all of the heart quilts that I have been favoriting on Flickr this Valentine season. So here are a few that I love... you might sense a theme here... I think the last one wasn't supposed to be a heart ... but that is what I see....

1. Love remains - Pixelated heart - Quilt top finished, 2. Patchwork Heart Mini, 3. IMG_9020 (c), 4. Pixelated Heart Quilt, 5. Heart Quilt, 6. pixelated heart pillow, 7. Pixelated Heart, 8. Cross stitch Hearts., 9. T-Fantasy Flamingos

What are the themes in your Flickr faves lately?

2 comments on "In love with hearts..."
  1. My theme lately seems to be lots of COLOR! I must be ready for spring.

  2. I see my heart in there. I love it, so happy to see others like it too! Thanks for sharing it.


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