Palette Builder Winner...and bundles

Thursday, March 28, 2013
Hi Everyone,

It was a landslide and this is the color palette you picked (all of these are available to order in the Half Yard and Fat Quarter sections of the shop):

Junebug (I decided to name it after the winner)


Here are the other three in order of how you voted:

Gummy Bears:


7 comments on "Palette Builder Winner...and bundles"
  1. Gorgeous! All of them! Well done!

  2. Amazing, wonderful bundles - all of them have such great color range - you did a great job pickin fabrics that go with the images! Thanks for hosting such a fun and inspiring contest, I really enjoyed it.

  3. Such lovely bundles...fabric is just beautiful!

  4. Beautiful bundles! That was a fun challenge.

  5. Congratulations Junebug - I love the fabric choices.

  6. How fun! I think the Junebug and Gummies are my favorites.


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