Thursday, September 12, 2013

Flash Sale

20% off Everything in the shop for 24 hrs now until noon Eastern tomorrow (Friday the 13th). Coupon Code Below.

**excludes fabric clubs, boms, and pre-orders

Things will go fast so forgive us if we run out of some things. We will let you know, and refund you, if we do. Also please give us one to two extra business days for shipping (otherwise I get extremely stressed out :) )

Coupon code is FLASHAHAH

 (if you don't get the reference I am so sorry)  :)


  1. I totally grew up on Flash Gordon, It is a Classic!!! I remember the first time I watched it my parents let us all climb on their bed and watch it in their room and we each got our own can of Cherry 7-up. We were so excited!!!

  2. Ah man, I missed it. The only downside to being on Hawaii time.


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