Paloma Star Quilt Tutorial

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hey everyone!!! I'm Sally, and I'm hijacking Julie's blog I'm so honored that Julie invited me over from Sally's Angelworks to share this fun, new tutorial with you!!

My Paloma Star quilt!

This is a super neat project you can whip up in an afternoon. So, let's get started!

8  4.5" squares of Paloma bird patterned fabric
8  4.5" squares of Paloma blue flowered fabrics
4  12.5" squares of Paloma grey background fabric
4  16.5" x 2.5" strips of Paloma grey background fabric
8  8.5" x 10.5" rectangles of  Paloma grey background fabric
8  fat quarters of your favorite Paloma fabrics! (cut into 11.5" squares)
2  7" x 36.5" strips of Paloma grey background fabric

Put together your middle piece of the star.

Layout your 4.5" squares in a patchwork manner.
Sew the rows together...

To sew your rows together, I do not press at this point. I pin the seams and manipulate the nesting seams by hand while sewing. I seem to match a lot more seams this way!!

This is your middle panel of your star! yay!

For the points of the star, you need to grab one 11.5" square of patterned fabric and one 8.5"x10.5" rectangle of background fabric.

Place them right sides together and grab your ruler and pencil.

Draw a diagonal line (see above!).

Btw, you should always listen to great music while doing this. I have a great Pandora cello music station I listen to...Yo-Yo Ma is the best!!! :)

Pin and sew!
Do not trim anything yet!!! (spoken from true experience!!)

Take your sewn piece over to the ironing board and iron your seam toward your patterned fabric. It will look all wonky and not really like you did it right! Never fear!!!

Take it back over to your cutting table and turn it with your wrong side of your background fabric facing up. Trim off all of the excess patterned fabric. You will have bulk. But I really like the way this looks when the quilt is done! It makes your star points pop out! yay!!! (If you don't like that much bulk in your star points, you can trim your background layer that is not showing. Make sure you are not cutting into the piece that IS showing!!)

This is what the back looks like after trimming....

And this is what the front looks like!!! Yay!!

Make 8 of these total! Make sure that 4 have diagonals drawn from the other side so that your points are facing the right side!!

Time to layout your star!! Sew your points together two by two!

Add your 16.5"x2.5" strips on the ends of the star points and sew. 

Layout your 12.5" background squares on the corners!

Sew your rows together.

Sew all of the rows together to make your main piece.

Add your 7"x36.5" strips of background fabric on the top and bottom!

Pin baste and quilt.

I chose to handquilt the star. 

I just love the way the birdies are handquilted!!

Then I quilted the background with straight line quilting. 

Voila!!! You have a wonderful little throw for you on the couch or for a new little sweet baby. 

Again, thanks to Julie for having me!!! I had a LOT of fun making this sweetie little quilt!!
Let me know over at Sally's Angelworks if you whip one up, too!! I'd love to feature it on the blog!



Hey, it is me, Julie... Super big thanks to Sally for the sweet tutorial! Lucky you if you read this far. I just marked down a bunch of new stuff to the sale section on the website and you can use this coupon code for an extra 10% off everything in your cart: 800POSTS you get first dibs :)
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  2. So pretty and snuggly looking, great job!

  3. Love it. Thanks for the great tutorial.

  4. I get easily intimidated by quilting, but you have made this seem do-able. Thank you so much!!!

  5. Love your use of Paloma! This is one of those quilts I wish my grandmother were alive to see-she had a thing for birds, And tone on tone low values :)

  6. gorgeous quilt. I love the fabrics with the star design. Excellent job!


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