Happy Monday....

Monday, September 16, 2013
Hi Everyone!

Remember when I used to do tutorials? I do... I miss it. So this week to celebrate the 800th post (and get started on the next 800) I am going to be posting some fun tutorials that I have been working on and never got around to writing up. I also am enlisting some friends that will be familiar to you if you have been around for a little while.

I have two quilt tutorials to show you that will literally get you a whole quilt top in a day... here is one of them.

A Light Unto My Path:

... which I have made up in Sunnyside by Kate Spain. I hope to have the top to show you in a couple days (since I only get an hour or two to sew each week) but I will have the tutorial up tomorrow. It just uses one layer cake and a tiny bit of solid background.  54" by 63" without borders.

If you want to make the quilts from the tutorials we post this week at the end of the month we will have a link up and giveaway some fun prizes. Hope you will come along for the journey.

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