Sewing day... Aviatrix Medallion and Kits

Tuesday, July 1, 2014
Hey Everyone,

I am finally starting to catch up after the whirlwind known as June 2014. I am doing my best to take a day off today. It never seems to work out quite the way I planned though. I am going to sew a bit on my Aviatrix Medallion today. I got a great start on it then came to a stand still a few weeks ago when everything got so hectic. I have a goal of finishing the 5th border today. Coincidentally, I got notice this morning that the Kona fq bundles for the Aviatrix kits are on their way and will be in tomorrow. So I posted kits on the website here They are a great price if I do say so myself, $112.50 for an 80" quilt top and binding.

Indelible by Katarina Roccella is here and just as gorgeous as we always knew it would be. I wish I could get pictures that do it justice.

And Jungle Ave from Sara Lawson is here too... look there is the fabric I made my blouse out of. I did bundles with and without solids.

1 comment on "Sewing day... Aviatrix Medallion and Kits"
  1. I really like that new Jungle Ave line, especially the text print!


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