Happy Monday!

Monday, September 8, 2014
Hi Everyone,

I did a little crafting yesterday. I have been wanting to get to the book store and buy myself a cute journal for a couple weeks and just haven't had time to do it. Then I got to thinking yesterday... why not just make one. I had all the supplies I needed. A hard back book I bought at the Half Price Books store for a $1 (bought it because I liked the font so I cut words out of it to use in my jewelry and collage art), jewelry making supplies, antique buttons, watercolor paper... etc.

I started out like this:

Crafting today. Transforming this $1 book from Half Price Books into my new Journal

And ended with this:


It was a brand new perfect book so I had to distress it by using sand paper on it. I think it came out pretty. I have some watercolor paper that I am journaling on then I will apply it to two thicknesses of the book pages. It will be part regular journal and part art journal. I am going to tie  bits of yarns that I am working with in it as a journal of my knitting projects and bits and pieces of fabrics from my clothes and quilts that I am sewing.

That was super fun! Silly thing took me all afternoon.

The new blouse I am working on is going to be this Rayon by AMH I adore it... the color is so vibrant IRL.

Did you see the Newsletter? I sent it out a couple days ago. You can find it here: The Intrepid Thread Newsletter

Tomorrow I am going to share with you a new blog that I found that really inspires me.

Have a great Monday!


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