Sampler Block Shuffle Week 1

Monday, November 2, 2015
Hey Everyone,

Just have a gander at these adorable blocks! I am so in love with these fresh colors. We used 7 fat 16ths of colors and 2 fat eighths of backgrounds (Abacus this time)  and there is enough to make 16 flying geese left over. Here is a link for the kit. If you would like the kit it is $10.50. We use my friend Sophie's no waste Flying Geese method the measurements for the pieces (yes, I am doing the math for you :) ) are:

1 - Geese fabric 4 1/4" Square
4 - Background  2 3/8" Square

In the end you will need 176 flying geese so if you work on them steadily as you go you should have them done with your blocks. Or maybe use them as leaders and enders for other projects.

These are so happy... really brightens up my Monday.

Ps. I sewed too. I made these two tote bags. One is my own design from Carolyn Friedlander's new collection coming in December called Carkai with Essex linen in Natural and Cadet.

and the second is my 4th Poolside Tote in Echino with Atrium Accents.

Have a great Monday
6 comments on "Sampler Block Shuffle Week 1 "
  1. Those blocks are gorgeous. Nice looking totes too!

  2. The blcoks and the bags are so beautiful.Love them all.Happy sewing week!

  3. I am SO looking forward to the new Carkai line and love your bag design. The fact that you've made 4 poolside totes says something great about the pattern.

  4. Ooh, I really love the blue bag with the Dresden on the front. Very pretty. The other bag is very nice as well, but I've always really loved the Dresden block so that's got my attention.

    Ok, me asking more questions. I've been wondering about the Flying Geese. First, on the finishing pattern pdf it says in #2 that we need to make 28 Flying Geese blocks 3 1/2" x 1" and then make 2 of those. Then in #3 it says to make the same but this time we need to make 38 of them and to make 2 as well. If I figured that correctly, it would make 132 of them.

    But then on the instructions for the Flying Geese Inner Border it says to make 44 4geese blocks which would make 176 of them and those each will be a 3" x 6" Flying Geese block.
    I'm confused by the sizes and amount we need to make.

    Also, how do we choose the color if we want to make alot of them at the same time? I wondered if we could use something like those papers you can use to make multiples at the same time as long as they finish at the correct size. Will that way of making them work?

    Yea, I'm confused a little bit. I'm not sure on the total number and size for sure since I'm seeing two different numbers and sizes. And are all the flying geese of each size (if we are needing 132 of the small ones and also 176 of the larger ones) the same colors or should we be making each size needed all the same?

    Sorry, trying to understand it and maybe I'm reading it all wrong. Help?

  5. Oh wow. Sorry. That got really long. :( oops.

  6. I sewed them up the first night you posted the directions. Using Kathy Schmitz's Piecemaker fabrics, but loving them. Is there a site to post sew along photos?


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